.Good Tired.

Friends and Family..
I have great news!
Are you ready? Here it comes..


Adam and I have finally, finally, FINALLY reached our good tired. We have no plans--I said it, no plans! We are back to "normal life"--eat, sleep, work, love, repeat. 

As wonderful as it feels to be free from the busy Holidays, we find ourselves a bit sad. We miss our family..we miss the late nights, the big meals, the games played, the memories made..we miss our family. This past week has been nothing but fabulous in every way! We spent the New Year with my mother-in-law's family, the Holm family. Although we missed her three brothers and their families (most of which live in MN), we all had a great time with the Holm sisters and their terrific families. 

The week started out with early arrivals thanks to the snow storms throughout the East coast. Adam and I received our first "house guests" on Tuesday night, the Baumann clan! While all of the adults relaxed together, Adam and I took on the kids!! Tuesday night we had Kayla, Kassie, Kyle, Kami, and Kole stay with us. If that was not enough people, we had Grace and Joy join us bright and early Wednesday morning for a big pancake and sausage breakfast! Adam and I realized how much we want a big family of our own some day..while some people would have been stressed with all of these bodies in a rather small duplex, we found ourselves grinning from ear to ear enjoying the noise and even the mess! I have not been as relaxed as I was making pancakes for everyone that morning in a long, long time. Wednesday afternoon was spent at Snowflex enjoying snow tubing with no snow! Thankfully, everyone had snow gear because we all got soaked from the midst! After tubing, we all worked up an appetite for Hibachi! Adam and I (again) enjoyed our time "in charge" and loved the opportunities to treat our little cousins. Wednesday night was spent playing games, movie watching, and more eating at the Miller home. 

Here is a group shot at Snowflex (keep in mind Adam and I had ALL of these "kids" at our house, minus the big boy in the hat!)
Back row, Left to right: Grace (4) Katie (24) Kayla (15) Kassie (14) Alex (20) Adam (24) Joy (2)
Front row, Left to right: Kole (8) Dalyce (5) Kyle (almost 12) Kami (almost 10)
Thursday morning started off with another BIG breakfast at the Miller house feeding 10 people, 8 kids! We had freshly baked blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, and scrambled eggs with cheese! I was loving every second of our crammed house and hungry hungry cousins :) It was the coolest watching as the older ones played, entertained, and even nurtured the younger kids as Adam and I were busy getting things done. Our hearts were filled with special moment after special moment and again..we cannot wait to have a family of our own some day. 
Had to include a picture of the baked goods, they are my favorite after all ;)
The rest of the week was spent in Eagle Eyrie at the Hoover Center. This was the perfect location to hold the entire family! The days before we all rang in the New Year together were spent catching up with family members, playing games, eating (of course), and simply enjoying our time together. I am truly blessed to have married into such a wonderful, FUN, family. I thank the Lord always for the love shown to me by my "new family" and for the chance to connect with so many people. I have always been the "baby" in my big Morrow family and even on the Bauman side (my mom's family) so I have been LOVING every second I get to be the "older, COOLER cousin" with my husband. We had such a wonderful week and cannot wait until next year! 

Enjoy some of the groups shots of all the cousins present in the Holm family:
Cousins standing in age order..almost height order as well but there is a certain girl who messes it up ;)
Left to right: Adam, Katie, Alex, Michael, Justin, Brooke, Kayla, Kassie,
Logan, Landon, Kyle, Kami, Kole, Dalyce, Ivonne
Take 1!
Take 2!
We hope you all had a happy HAPPY happy NEW YEAR! 


  1. No plans are always the best plans...

  2. You are a very brave, brave woman who I miss dearly!!! I didnt get a chance during Christmas break to head that way but Im determined during Spring Break to! :0)

  3. wonderful memories, looks like you had so much fun and now you can rest.

  4. you are still the "coolest" even though you are the youngest! love ya...

  5. I love your pictures - obviously a great camera:) I love how you love, Katie! We are so blessed to have you in our family. Our children really look up to you both. You have been great role models & definitely are the older, COOLER cousins. Love you:)

  6. Katie! I just had to let you know I love reading your blog! I think you are so talented- your crafts are amazing! I'm so happy that everything is goin great for you- and Colden is so adorable! Happy new year!
    <3 Candice Belmont
    (skittle- haha!)