.First Look.

Here is the first look at my new blog--it got a major facelift thanks to my incredible husband. 
Please bear with me as I reformat my past posts and figure out all of the links and kinks along the way :)

P.S. What do you think?


  1. Love the look! Keep posting your crafts. I love reading about them, and about your life, don't leave out those posts!

  2. Very cute, Katie! Eventually I shall do something similar with my blog to go more "profesh" once my life settles down a little bit. Love all of your creativity!

    Speaking of which, mom and I were just talking about you and would love to get a final draft of your story! :) Email me soon and let me know a date that might work to get that from you! We're excited!

  3. This is ADORABLE! I look forward to your blogs everyday! They are so fun and exciting. Keep it up, I really enjoy it :)