.Welcome 3rd Trimester + Announcements.


I have made it to 28 weeks! 
That is 7 months!
3rd trimester people!

Let us celebrate by ending every sentence with an exclamation point!
After sharing the not-so-pretty side of my pregnancy a few weeks back, my heart has truly been filled with an abundance of love. I was and still am moved by your kind, caring words..by your personal stories of conception, pregnancy, and birth..and by your encouraging, uplifting prayers.

Thank you!-each and every one of you who has

prayed for my physical body..
prayed for my baby..
prayed for my emotions..
prayed for my husband..
prayed for my spiritual life.
(the list continues)

Thank you!

Your prayers, along with my own and those of my husband and family, are being answered. I am feeling -dare I even say it- better! My third trimester has welcomed me with new excitement, new energy, new positive outlooks, and has restored my mental and emotional state. There are still struggles of sickness and more migraines than I would care to to admit, but I am doing better. 

I am smiling more.
Laughing more.
Loving more.
And I even deep cleaned 3 rooms in my house!!!

The funny thing is I do not know for sure if I am 'getting' better or simply coping with the ailments of pregnancy better. Either way--I am happy and my heart is full, what more can I ask for?! 

I realized the other day I never shared some rather exciting news with you--

what we are having! 

This was our photo announcement we shared on facebook and now sharing with you! 

It's a..

Adam and I are welcoming a little baby girl into our hearts and home this July. This news took us both by surprise during the big ultrasound but now we could not be more excited..we are having a girl, a daughter! 

Would you like to know her name?..
 Can you handle another announcement?..
Here it comes..

Penelope Layne!

We will call her Penny for short. I love it--Adam loves it--And my dad loves it. Let's just say he raised his baby girl to have good taste in music ;)

Thank you again for your prayers and good thoughts you have been sending my way. I'll be back soon with more photos and a new update..keep those fingers crossed! 

Here are some candid 28 week belly shots, baby girl is growing as well as this momma!
Happy Living--Happy Pregnancy
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--