.I'm Back with an Announcement to Share.

"Miller Party of 3"
"Miller Party of 3"
Coming to our home this July!

Adam and I are incredibly blessed and praise our Heavenly Father daily for this little miracle growing inside of me! Here I am with my 16 week baby bump.

 Many posts to come sharing all about our exciting news. 
I hope this explains my absence from the ol' blog for the past few months :) 

Stay tuned my friends..good things are coming!


.Birthday Boy.

I loved Adam during our dating years.
I loved Adam on the night of our engagement.
I loved Adam when I said, "I do."

Today I have a love for my husband I never knew I could possess.

It's a love that strengthens daily, a love that appreciates every little thing, a love that is courageous and honest, a love that is pure. It is a love only my Heavenly Father could provide and for that, I praise Him!

Adam Everett you challenge me, you make me a better woman-the woman God wants me to be.

Your heart is filled with kindness and humor, your mind is actively creating new ideas and witty thoughts, your touch is gentle and soothing, your work ethic is one to be respected, your desire to do the right thing and to follow God's word makes my love only deepen for you.

Happy Birthday to my best friend,
my love,
my husband.


.I'll Be Back.

(please read the title out loud in your very best Arnold impersonation)

Hello friends and family! 
Remember me? 
I am absolutely shocked -and down right giddy- so many of you decided to hang around and 'patiently' wait for my return. 
I will be making my blog comeback very soon!
I hope and pray everyone had a beautiful, healthy, and happy Christmas and New Years.
Sending you my love and remember..

I'll be back!