.Getting Our Lumberjack On.

It's Halloween weekend. 

This means friends+parties+candy+costumes= F U N

Adam and I were invited to a few get togethers and costumes were "required." Back in college we did the "let's try really hard to look good and make our ex's jealous" thing and I must say, it was a success. (We were young, what can I say!) This year we wanted to do another couples costume with items laying around our house. Welp, our closet has a lot of plaid..followed by wool socks..followed by boots.

Any guesses?

Lumberjacks it is! Adam is from Minnesota, don't ya know? The home of Paul Bunyan. We did have great plans to make homemade suspenders, axes, and dress our dog up as Babe the blue ox but instead we took it easy..real easy.

Flannel Shirts
Wool Socks
Hiking Boots
Winter Hats
Thanks to Pinterest, who passed an idea over to my friend who passed an idea over to me, I am proud to share our snack contribution to the party. 

Can you say, "Cheese?"
 ..My, what big teeth you have..
 ..Better to eat you with my dear..

..or to take fun pictures!
Adam and I had a fabulous time as lumberjacks with our friends. One party we attended had a photo booth set up so if those pictures show up somewhere, facebook, I will share with you! 

Did you dress up this year?
What Halloween treat did you make?
H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N ! ! !


.Friday Afternoon.

Good news: Headache is GONE
Bad news: Camping trip is CANCELLED

womp womp.

Adam and I decided the weather is simply too cold to have an enjoyable camping experience and we didn't want our pup to freeze. Our packs are ready to go and fingers are crossed Saturday into Sunday will warm up a bit. So instead of being outside, I am inside peering out my front window and admiring our new curtains.
Today has been a great day so far. I have the day off which is always an early Christmas present :) I took Colden to the vet this morning for his annual check-up and all is good! I gave the vet and her assistants a few good laughs this morning as I battled to hold my 30lb dog still for his shot. Let me tell ya--that little bugger is strong! I survived with two battle wounds to my forearm and a sweatshirt smothered in pretty red hairs while Colden was simply spoiled with treat after treat from the office workers. Something wrong with this picture? Ha, oh pets, gotta love them!

Before heading home, I stopped and picked up coffee and bagels for Adam and I. Well, if you have been keeping up with my blog, you would know the bagels were just for him, no gluten for me! (over three weeks strong!) We had a nice hour long chat in his office with pup playing in the back studio which acts as the ultimate doggie playground.
I came home and made myself some gluten-free pancakes with a little butter and strawberry jam, YUM! I spent about an hr (or closer to 2) perusing the blog world, facebook realm, and of course the mighty-always sucks you in-awesomeness that is pinterest. I am resembling a big gray blob as I type this post thanks to my sweatpants and old field hockey sweatshirt from high school.

Did I forget to mention it's in the low 40's today here in VA? Luckily the snow has not caught up with us like it did in Colorado, Vermont, New York along with other places but we sure are getting the cold air and crazy winds! I love looking out my window and seeing the little yellow and red leaf tornadoes the wind creates against the dark gray sky. It's rather nice being inside under my heating blanket.
Colden is peacefully sleeping a full cushion away from me and the house is quiet. There is no baby crying, no toddlers running and screaming, and best of all (I bet you can guess) there has been no poop messes to clean! I take this as another early Christmas present :) Remember, it's the little things in life.
Just started to rain.

Today is a fabulous day. I am feeling good and there is no agenda. Sure there are chores but no need to rush with them, it's the weekend. Thank you for being patient with me as I kinda sorta took the week off in blogging terms. Sometimes it's nice to step away and then come back with eagerness to write.

I'll leave you with one question: How is your Friday afternoon treating you?

Happy Weekend!


.Bleh Week.

I have been wanting to blog but alas another headache. Taking this week easy getting some house cleaning and laundry done. Hoping for the best this weekend--Adam is planning a little camping getaway for us :) Fingers crossed my head cooperates!

Happy Week to all of YOU! 


.The Perfect Evening.

The weather yesterday was sunny and in the upper 50's. It was the perfect combination. I had the afternoon to myself and with a blanket on my legs and slippers on my feet, I knew it was going to be good "Katie" time. I arranged all of my craft supplies on the kitchen table to begin creating but was interrupted by the view outside my window. The falling yellow leaves, the blowing trees, the beaming sun..I just had to be outside. I asked Adam if he was feeling up to doing something after work and like always he said, "Absolutely." He was home at exactly 5:15 and by 5:30 we were dressed and ready to hike with Colden. Lynchburg is blessed with many great trails and mountain views. Yesterday we decided to do a little hike right here in town, only 5 minutes away known as the "Monogram." 

It was the perfect evening.
Happy Living--Happy Hiking
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


.Had to Share.

My friend Bethany will be in town tomorrow and we have already set up a morning coffee date to catch up. I received a message from her this afternoon that had me smiling from ear to ear. She found an old facebook message I sent her 5 years ago talking about my first "date" with Adam--so fun!

It dates back to October 14, 2006:

"so my night with adam was a surprise alright..a pleasant surprise. he is so different than anyone i have ever met--and i like that. we had such an interesting conversation, it was deep and just spontaneous if that makes sense. we were so open with each other and i dont know, he just intrigues me i guess. i really enjoyed my time with him and i do want to get to know him more..im interested alright!

we went to the play then went on the roof of demoss, yes the roof! it was crazy--amazing! we laid on our backs and watched the stars and just talked then went in demoss and talked some more and then he danced with me--it was the cutest thing!

i dont know what will happen with adam, but all i know right now is i am left with wanting to know more, seeing him more..so we shall see! its exciting and i just felt like sharing--hope you dont mind! :)"

Oh Adam Everett how you still intrigue me.


.The Painting Saga.

Oh yes, a saga it was. 
(Continuation to this post.)
Our painting stretched over the course of 5 days. 

Day 1 (night actually) involved Adam removing every switch plate and outlet cover while I taped the dining room and prepped it for painting the chair rail, baseboard, and wainscoting as well as the new trim. I was able to get a first coat of paint on everything. 

All of Day 2 consisted of me painting the wainscoting a total of 3 coats of Semi-Gloss White as well as hand brushing the little grooves. I also touched up the trim adding a second light coat where needed. (I have to share--when Adam came home from work Friday night, I was a mess, but so proud to show him my hard work!) Adam completed priming the new sheetrock before bed.

Day 3 was an early Saturday morning for Adam and I. I immediately began taping the entire hallway, living room, and kitchen to prep it for Adam and my Dad to paint. My parents arrived before my taping was complete but my sweet husband successfully changed the sheets and cleaned the bathroom for them just in time! After greeting my folks and chatting a little bit showing them the new room, we quickly got back to work. Adam began cutting in the rooms where my tape job was complete while my father painted the dining room ceiling. We all exchanged jobs throughout the day and I must say, my mother was so sweet. She did the dishes, cleared out the kitchen, and helped with other "annoying" house projects for us as well as some cutting in! By the end of the night, we successfully finished the dining room (minus touch ups) and got a first coat on the entire living room and hallways. Adam treated us all to some tasty Thai food we enjoyed out on the deck. 
Height comes in handy, right Pop? ;)
My cute Momma :)
Our morning on Day 4 was a delightful one. Everyone woke up early and took Colden for a nice walk around the neighborhood. We all then hopped in the car and headed to Starbucks and Lowes for more supplies and yes--pup came along for the ride. When we got home, Mom and I cooked up sausage and eggs for breakfast and baked cinnamon rolls (Be proud--I did not eat one! No gluten for this girl!!) while Dad and Adam rolled on the second coat in the living room and hallways. As those walls were drying, we moved on to the kitchen. I have to admit, cutting in under the cabinets is not something I want to do again--wowza sore back! Adam hung our new chandelier in the dining room and it looks great, another post coming soon on that! We all took breaks, ran errands, cleaned, ate, and enjoyed the beautiful weather on the deck with Colden. After a long day of painting and the men assembling and mounting a shelf unit and the tv, it was time for pizza! (Again--I was strong and had a delicious salad!)
Adam's first electrical job!
Call me the Trim Master.
Day 5 we were all a little slow to wake up and sadly, no walk for Colden. Everyone got right to work after coffee and breakfast--it was awesome. I cannot even remember everything we did because it was nonstop moving for all. When everything was completed and cleaned, it was time to get lunch at our favorite place, Roly Poly and get this--they have a gluten free section! The sad part of my day was saying goodbye to my parents. They are truly amazing for driving down to VA from NJ to help us paint, just love them!

See "Before" pictures here.
See "After" pictures BELOW!
 Kitchen and Dining Room Paint:
Benjamin Moore's Pottery Barn Stonington Gray HC-170
 Living Room and Hallway Paint:
Benjamin Moore's Alaskan Husky 1479
(We were sold on the name!)
Adam and I are thrilled with the paint colors--so warming and soothing :) 

A few things needed to completely finish up the job:

- Paint new crown molding Semi-Gloss White 
- Have the crown molding installed
- Have the carpet patched up where the walls came down

Stop back tomorrow for "sneak peek" photos of more living and dining room progress! 
(One of them actually snuck into a picture in this post, anyone find it?)


.Finally, Real House Progress.

Before I jump into today's post, I want to catch the new readers up on a few things that have happened in my life recently. This week's agenda: Our house!

My husband Adam and I purchased our first home this past Summer over our 2nd anniversary weekend

You can read about the journey using the following links:

To take a tour of our home, click below:

Outdoor projects:

Our previous, barely noticeable, interior progress:

And now..the fun part! 

Our home is finally showing some major improvements, progress, and is starting to feel like our home! Adam and I hired our neighbor (who is responsible for building the addition to our home back in '04) to do a little work for us. Remember, Adam and I are new homeowners and very new to the DIY "house edition". We are more than ready to get our hands dirty but we will save the big stuff to the professionals :)

And that's just what we did! 

We had Terrance come to our home to knock walls down, add new sheetrock, change the electrical, all to create for us...

A Dining Room!

Adam and I currently do not own a table and chairs to fill the space but we are so thrilled with the results. Here are a few before photos featuring a few walls, a coat closet, and a pantry that are now GONE.

Front door with coat closet
Coat closet and looking down main hallway
Main hallway looking in pantry and office
Main hallway from back guest bedroom with office on left, pantry on left, bathroom on right, and Colden down center :)
Inside office looking into office closet
Front right corner of office, soon to be walkway to living room

Goodbye coat closet, hello future dining room!
Plastic coverings everywhere
 See ya later office wall!
Bye bye pantry.
 Walkway to dining room, electrical boxes installed, pantry covered up, and wall knocked down!
View into new dining room which used to be the office corner and closet

And this is the part where the blogger got "lazy" and forgot to snap photos of the progress with all of the trims and wainscoting installed, just what was she thinking? ;)

Adam and I LOVE the decision we made to do this, we just love it! Since we do not have any kiddos yet and there is currently no bun in the oven, we thought this change fits our lifestyle perfect. And for those who know me..you know how messy my kitchen gets when I cook, who wants their guests staring at that while eating?--Not this girl! So excited to have a real dining room!

The past week and weekend were spent taping, cutting in, painting, touching up, and cleaning. Friends, get excited--more posts coming soon with the "After" pictures! (Here are two little hints of what you will see. Click here and here.)

Let me know what you think of the progress thus far. 

Do you think it was wise to remove an office/very small bedroom to create a dining room?
Would you have made the same move or kept the extra room?
Have you made any similar changes to your home?
If so, what were they! I would love to hear and gain more ideas.