.8:15 on a Saturday Night.

I am home
In my favorite sweatpants
And fleece
With wool socks on

I am sitting
At my kitchen table
And sipping coffee
With pup asleep at my feet

I am sick
Sinus infection
A box of tissues accompany me
And a bagel
With butter melted on it

I am happy
My day was terrific despite being sick
Went to yard sales early this morning with Adam
And coffee
With hope of finding treasures

I am proud
We were victorious
Adam and I found 2 backpacking packs and a tent
All for $30
And the brand is The North Face
With a value of over $200

I am excited
For Emma
I found the perfect Virginia Tech, pink and white, Nike jersey for $4
Size 12 Months
And it is brand new
With matching pink and white striped warm up pants

I am missing
He is at LU's home football game
Under the lights
And wrapped in blankets
With the rest of the family

I am tired
My bed is sounding terrific right about now
Snuggled up
And watching a movie
With pup next to me



  1. holy smokes...that is a good deal! You are all ready for a camping trip!

  2. Sorry you're not feeling good, but YAY for your wonderful Emma find! How perfect! Thanks for being a great auntie. :)

    Poor little Emma has been sick this weekend, too... croup, ear infection, AND teething. :(

    Feel better soon! Love you!

  3. Sinus infections are not fun. At least you seem comfortable.

    Congrats on the great garage sale finds!

  4. Feel better Katie! Your night does sound cozy though (:

  5. Aww sad feel better soon! So great that you can see the positive and be so happy when you feel icky! And I am also impressed that you could still go to sleep after drinking coffee at 8pm!