.We Made It.

Last weekend our friends, Ben and Hannah, joined us on a journey. One that included a total of 7 driving hours and 8 walking hours.

We went to Ikea.

Being from Lynchburg, our closest Ikea is located in Charlotte, NC and you better believe we made the trip all in one day.

We may have spent some money :)
People everywhere were rolling their eyes at us. They even let out a few chuckles when they saw we only had two vehicles to bring it all home.

They simply did not understand.

With packers like Adam and Ben, anything can happen!
Ikea, we miss you deeply.

First Ikea purchase will be shown in tomorrow's post!


  1. I'm the same distance from the nearest IKEA... and its Charlotte too! I've been DYING to make the trip! When my husband gets back from his deployment I might need to start batting my eyes (hes my road trip buddy!)

    cant wait to see your goodies! and i'm ready to be jealous =)


    ps: how am I just finding your blog! love it lady!

  2. I love Ikea. Thankfully the nearest one is only about an hour away. It is always a day trip with me and my husband. I always try to leave the kids at home (we are expecting #4) so I can fully enjoy without the kiddos getting bored. :)

  3. I'm almost sorry to say that I live 6 minutes south of Ikea. When it's really busy it takes me longer to find a parking spot than it does to drive there!

    And since I've been there so many times I know the layout like the back of my hand, and all the shortcuts too. If I know exactly what I'm looking for I can be in and out in under 15 minutes depending upon the checkout lines.

    You know, I think over half of our house is furnished by Ikea =)

  4. haha, holy cow you guys are intense! great job and happy home building to you and Adam!

  5. oh i am so incredibly jealous of all those ikea boxes... it's almost painful.. i can't WAIT to see everything. i saw the new cabinet handles already! lovely update : ) and i enjoyed all the helpful hints.

    i want to see the rest of your stuff!!!!

  6. haha!! Wow!! That is crazy!! can't wait to see what all you got though!!

  7. I should probably point out the pictures above display both couples' purchases. We dont have that much money..geez :)

  8. That is some impressive packing! Excited to hear all about it. I've never been to the ol' IKEA!

  9. Glad that was for both couples. Ha! Great packing job to think you got that all in two cars.