.It's Official, I Am Choosing To Be GLUTEN-FREE.

Yesterday's post was foreshadowing the news I received today.

I got my results back.

It is time to radically ch-ch-ch-ch-C H A N G E my life--How?

The answer is simple: Diet.

After suffering from headaches throughout most of my childhood and extreme migraines throughout my entire adult life, it was time to do something..

..Something new--a new test, with new hope.

A few weeks earlier, I had blood work done and sent to ALCAT Worldwide in Florida for food intolerance testing.

Welp, the results came in!

I have 'Severe Intolerance' to the following foods:
- Cabbage
- Codfish
- Wheat
- Gluten/Gliadin

I have 'Moderate Intolerance' to the following foods:
- Cane Sugar
- Chicken
- Cinnamon
- Corn
- Cranberry
- Garlic
- Grape
- Rice
- Soybean

I have 'Mild Intolerance' to the following foods:
- Baker's Yeast
- Black Pepper
- Blk/Green Tea
- Butternut Squash
- Cantaloupe
- Cherry
- Halibut
- Honey
- Iceberg Lettuce
- Lamb
- Onion
- Pinto Bean
- Psyllium
- Shrimp
- Sole

I must admit, I was hoping to see only Wheat/Gluten on my paperwork and nothing else. I was, and still am, very surprised at the results and truly sad to be parting from some of my favorite foods.

Adam and I took my results to the grocery store with us to purchase a few items for the week. Friends, I will not lie to you, I had tears in my eyes. It was depressing. Everything we normally eat has wheat/gluten in it.


We discovered new aisles of Gluten-Free foods and were excited and quickly horrified by the pricing. How could I spend $16.99 on pancake batter? And $8.99 for 5 granola bars?

Deep down inside I am thrilled to find new hope in ridding the migraines from my life..but..it's a big step. Food and me--we have a special bond. I grew up in NJ, I am Irish-German-Italian, I LOVE my pasta and all Italian food!

All of the beloved foods I grew up with and cook most often I have to stop eating. I have to say no to bread. And pasta. And chicken parmesan. And pizza.

I am not ready to do this but I am ready to end the migraines.

It's a no brainer, right? Stop eating the foods that cause you to be ill, that's it!

I wish.

I try to be optimistic towards life and to always view the glass half full, well, this CHANGE is causing me a bit of stress and disappointment.

I need help from you.

I need encouragement this is the right step to take for my body. 
I need advice on what exactly I can and cannot consume. 
I need to find bloggers who write about being gluten-free.
I need to hear your story--do you live gluten free? 


  1. While I'm sorry to hear that it's something you are being forced to do medically, I will on a very positive note say....DO NOT BE AFRAID of this change! :) It's actually SO much easier than you think. The awesome thing about doing this now is ALL of the amazing choices you have. Even five years ago you wouldn't have half of the blogs/books/awesome food choices out there. And even SO many restaurants are offering gluten-free options.

    My hubby and I follow a mostly g-free diet. I've only started bringing in a few wheat items due to pregnancy and the weirdness of what is happening to settle best in my stomach on a given day while dealing with rough morning sickness.

    However, we have LOVED it. So many more people than you know follow a G-free diet -- you might even say "all the cool kids are doing it." ;-)

    I totally suggest you get Elisabeth Hassleback's (from the View) book called the G-free diet. It's really good and enlightening! :)

  2. I have a lot of people ask me why I chose to be gluten free and they often look at me like I have two heads. But I have heard that people who have gone gluten free feel so much better and I learned that a big majority of people all have a minor allergy to gluten and that is why they feel so different once going gluten free. So I wanted to try for myself and girl, I LOVE DOUGH so this was a big step lol

    I was ready to make the change out of curiosity knowing I could always go back if it was horrible so I can't imagine being forced into a diet and not wanting to do it. But it wasn't horrible for me! I feel so much more focused and energized and all around better. I never thought I would be preaching this but I guess God has a funny sense of humor.

    I'll be honest there are items out there that taste like cardboard but there are really good options out there too! If you purchase gluten-free all purpose flour you can still make delicious breads. I've been making gluten free banana bread and even Brent thinks it tastes better! And I found a pancake mix for 2.99 at Wegmens and they were so good. I think they are a little sweeter than most mixes but I love sweet! I know I am typing you a novel but research and shop around and you will find what works for you! I am posting some gluten free recipes later this week so look out! Hang in there!

  3. Though I am not gluten free, I definitely should be. The headaches and weight gain would be so much more manageable.
    You are doing what is best for your body, your health and your life. Go for it will joy, for soon you will feel better than you have ever felt!!!!
    Maybe, you have encouraged me to get on track and journey with you. That would be fun! I'll be watching and reading for recipes and ideas:)
    Blessings as you make a new way of life for you and your hubby.

  4. Quinoa grains and Quinoa flour are great things, I would look for Celiac based diets of which I am sure there is an abundance. I have issues with gluten myself though it is on the bloating, acid reflux side and not the migrain part. I have family and friends that are gluten free entirely and can ask them questions if you have something specific.

  5. KATIE! I am gluten-free! I have celiac. Call me and I will help you. For a few years I would cheat from time to time until I realized how bad the long term consequences are. And all of your fave foods can be made with gluten-free substitutes. Quinoa is my favorite as it has a consistency similar to wheat - plus it's way more nutritious with actual vitamins and protein. Eating gf is more expensive, but it is doable! Pretty soon you'll think pizza and beer who?!

  6. Sorry your list is so long. It is similar to mine. (I cannot not do dairy either so I am jealous of your list.)I've been taking SLIT drops for almost a year in addition to the diet. Are you doing those?

    Have you heard of Tinkyada pasta. It is very good. I have found cane sugar to be a huge challenge and garlic too. Chipotle Mexican Grill has some garlic free items if you love Mexican food out. I hope you will feel much better on this diet. It made all the difference for me.

  7. Katie,
    My husband's Grandma has Celiac disease and was only recently diagnosed--so, she has had to rennovate her whole diet. Suprisingly, she enjoys the challenge of eating gluten-free. She always tells me that she enjoys experimenting :) Also, the website, ohsheglows.com, is a great resource for some gluten-free recipes. I've actually made a few of her recipes lately and they are yummy (and healthy!). I know that this is a huge change of habits and eating, but I have no doubt that you will do well!

  8. So sorry to hear that. I'm not gluten free but I follow someone who 'preaches' on it. She's been healed from some diseases by going gluten free and eating healthy. She also gives good advice on her blog Here's her blog: http://www.vega-licious.com/

    All the best.

  9. So awesome to know that now!! I just made cauliflower pizza crust with gluten free sauce for dinner! I try to be gluten free mon-fri cause I feel better!

  10. I have to give you SO much credit for staying positive but being honest at the same time. I can't imagine having to change my diet so drastically, but hopefully your health will just get better from here and it will all be worth it. It'll be a learning experience, for sure! Stay strong, chicka--and lean on the ONE who will give you strength! You can do all things! :)

  11. I feel your pain! I've supposed to have been gluten free for the past two years, but it is really, really hard--to be honest. But recently I've discovered tons of cookbooks and blogs that have gluten free recipes. I've learned that creating my own g-free flour mixture, while not the same as wheat flour, it is still pretty good.

    My biggest ah-ha moment was when I realized that nothing is going to taste like wheat flour. As long as I don't eat something expecting it to taste "normal" then it tastes okay. :)

    But most of the time I have no desire to eat wheat based things. I know that I feel much, much better when I don't, so I don't get too bummed out about it.

    It is hard at first, but as you build up your list of foods and recipes that you can eat, it does get easier. Best of luck and congrats on getting your answers! :) You can do hard things! :)

  12. I am so sorry to hear that, but at least you know where the headaches are coming from now and can get rid of them!! My sister in law just started a blog with tons of gluten free recipes. She has the same thing and wanted to share with others recipes to use. They are really yummy too. She has made stuff for family parties that are gluten free and we really could not tell there was a difference. You will have to check it out....http://ifyoucantstandthewheatcometomykitchen.blogspot.com/
    Good Luck!!

  13. I have some friends/neighbors who have 4 children...3 of them have cystic fibrosis, 2 of which are gluten intolerant :( I'll email the mom and ask her what sights she's liked the bet for recipe and meal ideas and forward it on to you :) I can understand the inner-battle you're feeling...what a relief to hopefully find healing, yet it's going to be such a sacrifice! But YOU CAN DO IT. Thanks for including us on your journey. You'll do great. Hugs to you!

    PS - here's one of my favorite salads (especially during the fall when peaches are in season:)
    - spinach
    - peaches
    - avocados
    - havarti cheese (optional:)
    - just thought, maybe sunflower seeds :)
    I eat it without dressing, but I wonder if they make gluten free-poppyseed dressing. Anyway, you'll have to share some recipes and snacks you enjoy...because I know a gluten-free diet is generally very healthy, and I like to be reminded of healthy options. xo

  14. I am in tears reading this...! Glad you went ahead and got the testing done. You will feel profoundly better...It's a HUGE learning curve. Get to know bloggers such as Elana's Pantry and Spunky Coconut...their baked goods alone will help you.

    I'm just an email away if you need anything...


  15. p.s. I have killer almond flour pancakes on my blog that won't make you miss gluten.

    p.s.s it's going to be ok. stay away from the packaged baked goods and learn to bake again. they will be good.

    i have a KILLER brownie recipe coming. you'd never know it's GF...

  16. Katie, I suffer from migraines too. Is there a way you could send me information on where you sent your results/what did you have to do to get this test done? I would really appreciate it! bgsece22@yahoo.com

  17. I was diagnosed with Celiac over the summer. So I (like you) am new to living gluten free. Once in a while I post about it on my blog. I am not a cook, so right now I am testing out the 'packaged' gluten free items, like cereals and snacks. Email me if you would like some advice! Or, check out my blog.

  18. My dad has CD and it took him getting sick and losing so much weight that they thought he had cancer to discover it! I fear that I may have it too.I am scared to get tested bc I am a carb addict!!! Good luck sweetie. It's normal to slip up on the diet, just try to stick with it. :/


  19. Gee, that is a lot of food alergies. Well, your headaches will go away, you will probably feel so much better without the 'poisen' in your body. Because that is what it is right? You are really lucky in a sence to be able to find out and to be able to do something about your pain. And you won't have to take any meds which is awesome. I think it is all in how you look at it. It must be a bit overwhelming right now but I think once you you get into doing it, it will be easier. I am going to ask my Doctor about taking a test as well. I would be happy to not have to take meds and ruin my liver down the road. Good luck to you. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!I am cheering for you:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  20. First off, I am soo glad that you have an answer to what may be causing your headaches. I really hope that you find relief. As you can tell from all the comments, living gluten free is becoming HUGE in america. There are so many resources and alot more food options than a few yrs ago {chex is gluten free} and Quinoa grains is great to use as pasta.
    In all seriousness, when reading over the list of intolerances you have - I literally thought to myself, "Gosh, is there anything you can eat." But there is, it may not be easy at first but once you start living gluten free it just becomes your way of life. I have faith in you. I am sure you will become aware of what you can or cannot tolerate as you start elimainating foods. Instead of taking EVERYTHING out, maybe start with the high and moderate intolerance foods first. Just a though. Good luck!!!

  21. http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/category/special-dietary-needs/gluten-free/

    These are just a couple of links that I could think of right off the bat. The 1st is a "recipe community" Called Tasty Kitchen that has a whole section of g-free recipes, the second a mom's website where she only cooks g-free, and the third is doing it on a pretty strict budget. Just some thoughts for you!

    I know that you can do this. You have a whole bunch of people who believe you can, and who will help you. Don't let it overwhelm you. You'll figure it out. Cut out the big things first, and like with all of your other steps to getting healthy, when you start to feel better it will give you the motivation to keep going. There are also several... i think I'll call them lifestyle diets out there that are very friendly to a g-free life. One is called Primal I think. It's a high protein diet.

    Good luck and I know you'll do well! Keep us posted!

  22. My MIL was diagnosed with Celiac's a couple years ago, so I am always on the lookout for recipes and GF cooking blogs to try out new recipes for her. It is nice that there are a lot more options for GF stuff now than there were a few years ago! Here are a couple of blogs that I've gotten some good recipes from.



    Not to mention there are soooo many more out there. I will be praying for you while you start this new journey. I know that it can't be easy (nothing's ever really easy when you're told that you have to do it).

  23. As someone who doesn't have quite the dietary limitations you do I have two words that might help - Trader Joe's. I don't know how far away you are from one (just looked and there are 12 in VA) but they have a lot of wonderful gluten free stuffs there and at stomach-able prices. I had a co-worker who had to be gluten free. She'd eat oatmeal every morning. There are even pizza places who can make a gluten free crust. I imagine a whole foods or Natural food store would have multiple options as well.

    If you can find some recipe books mentioned online request them from your library!
    (amazon list of some cookbooks)

    You might also find that your moderate and mild intolerances don't bother you quite so much. Once you eliminate stuffs try one to see just how bad it really is.

    Oh, and Jimmy John's Unwich - instead of bread it's a lettuce wrap. And it's so much tastier than it sounds. Yumm!

    The biggest blessing in this is that you are experiencing this now. 5-10-20 years ago it would have been even worse. With the blogging world, internet, and SO many other people going through this too you're not alone. At all!

    I can't be a huge help this far away, but I am a good researcher. If you need help, or are feeling overwhelmed I would LOVE to help.

  24. I stumbled on your website through Pinterest and was immediately interested by your post here. I ahve been Gluten Free for 20 years, diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Yes, it was hard then, but now??? Not hard at all! I have recently started a bakery here in Phoenix, and I bake birthday, wedding and other celebration cakes and goodies, all gluten free, some also dairy free, and vegan. Don't let anyone tell you that gluten free has to taste different, or bad. Not true. Get some Pamela's baking mix, Brownie mix, and buy some Tom Sawyer's Gluten Free Flour. This flour exchanges in recipes, just like regular flour. Experiment, play around, and email me it you get stuck, above all...take care of you, and do what FEELS right. Your "gut" literally will lead your way! angela@angelasabandesign.com

  25. You can do it Katie! :) I know it seems hard.. but once you get the hang of it you will have no problem with it. You will love the changes that it brings! Check out this website.. DrKrupka.com I work for Dr. Krupka and this is one of the main things that he deals with. So much information on his blog!

  26. Wow, that is a long list, you poor girl! At least now you can solve the problem with food elimination. Our family followed The Clean diet/detox and we liked the meals so much we still eat them although we are done with the program. My friend who did it with me has migraines but had none as she detoxed on The Clean - so I'm a firm believer. You can see my post here: http://happyhomemakeruk.blogspot.com/2011/09/mission-complete-cleanse-of-2011.html I hope you get to feeling better soon and in no time you will have a 'new normal' with food. Good luck :)

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura

  27. my friend is gluten free-i have heard everyone is actually a bit intolernat of wheat -I am too-but she has cut it out for the better. She visited me this weekend from uganda (I live in Kenya) and was sooo excited to see that you could have gluten free pasta at a restaurant-the world is changing.

  28. I'm not gluten-free, but I still wanted to encourage you. I have an intestine condition that means that sometimes I have to eat completely fiber-free... It's not easier than gluten free. Seriously have you check at the supermarket how many products are advertising "fiber rich"? But, it kind of saves me every time I have a "crisis", so I hope eating gluten free will help you as well... Hopefully, like me you will discover that youe body can tolerate a little bit of gluten every now and then if you cut out most of it!

  29. I'm gluten and sugar-free and have been for 2 1/2 years. When my husband and I were dating he gave up gluten (just to impress me), but when he tried to reintroduce to his diet he couldn't tolerate it! So now he's been gluten-free for 2 years. We eat TONS of veggies and fruit with a limited amount of whole grains and protein. If you're looking for great gluten-free recipes, Cooking For Isaiah is the BEST cookbook I've used say making this life change. Hope it's going well!

    Melissa K

  30. Okay...this is a little over-the-top for me~posting two comments in one day on the same blog. Actually, I don't know if I've commented on anyone's yet, and I keep up with a few! :) After reading this, I wanted to toss a couple of things your way. My hubby is a chiropractor. I had never gotten adjusted until we started dating. I've had migraines since first grade and had been in two severe car accidents. Since I began getting adjusted regularly, my migraines are amazingly under control. I haven't taken anything in years(even Tylenol). He can usually adjust me even in the middle of one and it will lessen or completely go away. Also, a diet free of grains,dairy and refined sugars will help immensely. If you still want your grains, but want to be gluten-free, here is a link to an awesome blog. She has simple but incredibly tasty recipes!! Best wishes to you! http://keepitsimplekeepitfresh.blogspot.com/