.The Painting Saga.

Oh yes, a saga it was. 
(Continuation to this post.)
Our painting stretched over the course of 5 days. 

Day 1 (night actually) involved Adam removing every switch plate and outlet cover while I taped the dining room and prepped it for painting the chair rail, baseboard, and wainscoting as well as the new trim. I was able to get a first coat of paint on everything. 

All of Day 2 consisted of me painting the wainscoting a total of 3 coats of Semi-Gloss White as well as hand brushing the little grooves. I also touched up the trim adding a second light coat where needed. (I have to share--when Adam came home from work Friday night, I was a mess, but so proud to show him my hard work!) Adam completed priming the new sheetrock before bed.

Day 3 was an early Saturday morning for Adam and I. I immediately began taping the entire hallway, living room, and kitchen to prep it for Adam and my Dad to paint. My parents arrived before my taping was complete but my sweet husband successfully changed the sheets and cleaned the bathroom for them just in time! After greeting my folks and chatting a little bit showing them the new room, we quickly got back to work. Adam began cutting in the rooms where my tape job was complete while my father painted the dining room ceiling. We all exchanged jobs throughout the day and I must say, my mother was so sweet. She did the dishes, cleared out the kitchen, and helped with other "annoying" house projects for us as well as some cutting in! By the end of the night, we successfully finished the dining room (minus touch ups) and got a first coat on the entire living room and hallways. Adam treated us all to some tasty Thai food we enjoyed out on the deck. 
Height comes in handy, right Pop? ;)
My cute Momma :)
Our morning on Day 4 was a delightful one. Everyone woke up early and took Colden for a nice walk around the neighborhood. We all then hopped in the car and headed to Starbucks and Lowes for more supplies and yes--pup came along for the ride. When we got home, Mom and I cooked up sausage and eggs for breakfast and baked cinnamon rolls (Be proud--I did not eat one! No gluten for this girl!!) while Dad and Adam rolled on the second coat in the living room and hallways. As those walls were drying, we moved on to the kitchen. I have to admit, cutting in under the cabinets is not something I want to do again--wowza sore back! Adam hung our new chandelier in the dining room and it looks great, another post coming soon on that! We all took breaks, ran errands, cleaned, ate, and enjoyed the beautiful weather on the deck with Colden. After a long day of painting and the men assembling and mounting a shelf unit and the tv, it was time for pizza! (Again--I was strong and had a delicious salad!)
Adam's first electrical job!
Call me the Trim Master.
Day 5 we were all a little slow to wake up and sadly, no walk for Colden. Everyone got right to work after coffee and breakfast--it was awesome. I cannot even remember everything we did because it was nonstop moving for all. When everything was completed and cleaned, it was time to get lunch at our favorite place, Roly Poly and get this--they have a gluten free section! The sad part of my day was saying goodbye to my parents. They are truly amazing for driving down to VA from NJ to help us paint, just love them!

See "Before" pictures here.
See "After" pictures BELOW!
 Kitchen and Dining Room Paint:
Benjamin Moore's Pottery Barn Stonington Gray HC-170
 Living Room and Hallway Paint:
Benjamin Moore's Alaskan Husky 1479
(We were sold on the name!)
Adam and I are thrilled with the paint colors--so warming and soothing :) 

A few things needed to completely finish up the job:

- Paint new crown molding Semi-Gloss White 
- Have the crown molding installed
- Have the carpet patched up where the walls came down

Stop back tomorrow for "sneak peek" photos of more living and dining room progress! 
(One of them actually snuck into a picture in this post, anyone find it?)


  1. I didn't see the sneak peek picture but I did enjoy your post. My husband and I have DIY'd our way through 26 years of marriage. We work slower now but we always enjoy working together. I'm wishing you may years of DIY happiness.

  2. Wow Katie, everything looks so fresh and pretty. I really like the colors. You must feel like you're in a new house. It's so nice that the three of you work together so well.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. WOW!!! It looks amazing, Im impressed. I love the color and the wainscoting. It makes the house look more open.

  4. Looks great! I love the Alaskan Husky color!

  5. Looking fabulous and the paint colors are beautiful! You might also consider some pergo style flooring for the dining room. Food spills on carpet are not fun!

  6. Looks amazing! I agree the colors are a calming but still warm and cozy feeling

  7. I love the colors, they look great. I love it when you have painting helpers too, it makes a not so fun job much more fun!

  8. Looks so great!! I can't wait till my Hubby and I get to purchase a house and DIY it all up!!

  9. Beautiful job Katie! Love the colors you chose, and white trim is my FAVORITE. Great job :)

  10. Everything looks really good! My parents came when we were trying to paint last year, and wow... it's amazing how much faster it goes with 4 people! :)

    P.S. The picture of your dad being tall enough to reach the top of the wall made me laugh out loud... very handy!

  11. Wow-your hard work certainly paid off! Love your choice of colors-the shades of gray are gorgeous! The wanscotting looks terrific too!

    Great job!!

  12. Love the color! Don't you feel so accomplished when it's all done :) Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share! Can't wait to see you again on Wednesday!


  13. it's looking so beautiful!!! i LOVE that green on the sofa i can see peeking out back there. i am guessing that's the one adam put together..? i can't wait to see the final reveal! it looks so gorgeous!!

  14. WOW!!! It looks so great, I love the color and the wainscoting. It makes the house look more open.

  15. I just painted my great room in Alaskan Husky and I love it, but now my ceiling looks dingy...What Semi-Gloss White did you use on the trim? I love how it pops and could use it on my ceiling... Thanks!