.3 Weeks Old.

How is my baby girl almost a month old already? 
Pregnancy weeks felt like years to pass by but now that Penny is here with us, the weeks feel like days.
If only it were the other way around..

Little Penny is three weeks old and has brought so much joy and life to Adam and I. These first few weeks have been difficult and required a lot of adjusting on mommy and daddy's part but they have been precious filled with sweet moments. 
Penny does not sleep a lot and keeps Adam and I up during the night but even in the exhausted stressful times we try to seek and find joy. 

Joy in her healthy, powerful lungs..in her puffy tired eyes..in her strong, firm grip..in her puckered little lips..

Joy when she rests her head on our chest..when we breathe in her baby smell..when her silky hair tickles our neck..when we get a peek of the most darling smiles..when our rocking and humming help close her heavy eyelids..when she is asleep in our arms..
The nights are long but I am thankful for them.

I am thankful for the extra time to pray and praise God for creating this perfect little life. Thankful for the extra time to observe, hold, kiss, soothe, nurse, and get to know my little girl more. 
I have shed tears myself and have spent quality snuggle time crying with my baby but she is worth it.
Penny made me a mother and I have never been happier. 


.Due Date.

Today has been the day I have dreamed of for 9 long months..

it is my due date.

I often imagined what this day would bring..

the heavy anticipation of our baby girl's arrival..

posing for 40 week maternity photos, loading the car with hospital bags, attempting to read and understand my body, giving our dog the extra attention he has been craving, praying and praising God for the miracle He was about to complete, and enjoying being a family of two just a little bit longer..


I am simply blown away by the works of our Heavenly Father. 

Today instead of preparing for our first baby..

I am here and honored to introduce you to Penelope Layne Miller. 
Our little sweetheart made her surprising arrival on July 1st, 2013 at 9:26pm weighing 6lbs 11oz and measuring 19 3/4in long.

I never imagined my baby girl would be (almost) 1 week old on her due date. 


I am in love.
I am forever grateful God chose me to be Penny's mommy.

I will try to write soon but first..first, I must sleep :)