.Right Now.

It's 9:40pm..
I am sitting at my dining room table on my laptop.
I am wasting time perusing facebook and the blogging world.
My laptop is crammed in one section of the table because my paintings and supplies have settled quite nicely in the other areas.
Pup is laying under my feet chewing on his toy duck with the occasional whine asking me to throw his duck across the room.
This act repeats itself.
And repeats.
And repeats.
Hubs in lounged on the couch playing a silly computer game.
I am amused by the game's choice of music and other sound effects.
Oven is preheating at 375.
Why, at this hour?
So the hubs and I can indulge ourselves in cinnamon rolls.
With extra icing.
Because we can.
Decaf coffee is brewing.
I am staring at piles upon piles of laundry sitting next to the hubs on couch.
I also see our dinner dishes and napkins acting as decor on our coffee table.
Pups hair has overtaken our living room rugs.
As well as our couch.
And pillows.
Tomorrow morning I will be watching a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 10 month old.
My house needs picking up.
Like now.
But I continue to type and keep telling myself LATER.
I will do it LATER.
After my cinnamon rolls and hot coffee.
Yes, then I will simply move the piles of clean laundry to our guest room.
I will then consolidate my paintings and supplies into Kroger bags and place in guest room.
Then shut the door.
I will smile and be thankful for choosing a 2 bedroom rental.
The vacuum will then attempt to eat all of pups hair.
My house will then be suitable for 3 little kids to make a big mess in it tomorrow.
Hubs can smell the cinnamon rolls.
I can too.
Let me go check on them.
Goodnight my blogging friends!


.Proud Auntie.

Did you read the title?--That's me! I am a very proud auntie of my precious nieces and nephew. Would you like a post filled with picture after picture of their sweetness? Oh good, me too! I will start with photos of the little darlings how they looked when I first met them.

It all started with Evelyn. Adam's sister Naomi and her husband Brett welcomed Evie as their first child. I was lucky to have met her back in 2006 when she was still at the "baby" stage. Here she is at 1 year old. I remember Evie talking this trip..she had the cutest voice I had ever heard. Evie tried her very best to repeat everything, and I mean everything, we said to her and with each new accomplishment and failure, her cuteness was overwhelming and I was in love. Naomi asked me to change her and after I got Evie in her adorable new outfit, I noticed about 5 minutes later her shirt was not the way I put it on. I mentioned it to Naomi and she softly giggled and said, "I didn't want to tell you, but her shirt was on backwards." Go me. In my defense, I had never really changed a little kid before so I simply laughed. Oh the memories.
Next baby born belonged to Brett and Naomi..again :) They were blessed with another beautiful girl named Lillian. Lily, was just 3 months old the first time we met. I was still only technically "girlfriend" status but the Miller family welcomed me in as one of their own early on. Lucky for me because I got to love on this precious face. I remember Lils smiling, just smiling. She is the happiest baby I have known and I pray one day I will have one just like her! It was hard for me to give her up to someone else when she was snuggled so warm and close in my arms. Oh I miss this little one.
Guess who had baby number 3? That's right--The Williams family :) This time, Brett and Naomi had their very first boy. I now have a nephew named Lukyn, Luke was short. I just met this little man over Thanksgiving on our family trip to Minnesota. Luke was 7 months old and what a stud! He was just like Lily, happy happy and happy! He was not crawling quite yet but Luke would slide his little bootie across the hardwood floor by waving his arms in circles on his sides..they were his little propellers! Loved his smiles, love him.
Only a few short months later and I gained another niece! This time it was on my side of the family. My brother Scott and his wife Kim had a baby girl named Emma. She was such a beautiful baby, everything to her little ears all the way to her nose, just beautiful! I got to visit my new niece when Emma was exactly 1 month old. It seemed she was in my arms the entire visit and simply slept on me and with me. Best snuggle buddy I've had in a long time :) Here she is when I first met her. I loved learning about her this trip, I tried to take in as much as I could about her face because I knew it would change fast and did it ever!
Before I show more recent pictures of these little kiddos, I have one more niece or nephew on the way! YES!! Adam's brother Nathan and his wife Maria are expecting their first child in a week--one week! I am so thrilled for their little family of two to become a family of three! Be on the look out for pictures of the baby soon, so so soon! In the meantime, how adorable is my sister in law?
Here are more recent pictures of my nieces and nephews from the past few months.
Lily (3), Luke (7 months), and Evie (5) at Thanksgiving 2010. I love these children and I cherish the times I am with them and all of our crazy conversations. Evie is only 5 but she is going on 14 with the way her mind works, it truly amazes me. Lily is a 3 year old who loves being the center of attention. If I were as cute as her, I would too :) The interaction between Evie and Lily is priceless and I am so thankful for a sister in law who documents their funny quotes and tells story after story of these two. Luke is a big boy and what a sweetheart. He will melt your heart the first time you hold him. So thrilled to see his personality develop and to watch as he learns to crawl and walk! There is so much to look forward to with these three!
Fun Uncle Adam time!
Some relaxing time with little Emma February 2011.
Look at her face! Emma is learning to smile bigger and bigger these days and it is so hard being away from her. This picture is the most recent of Emma at 5 months. I have visited Emma on long weekends for each month of her little life. I already squeezed my February visit in but I have a feeling I'll be back soon! She is learning so much and has become a pro at using her hands to grab and hit toys (and pull into mouth!) and has been an excellent eater! She was just starting rice cereal a few weeks ago and I loved watching her little tongue figure out just what to do with it. I am finally seeing a little bit of my brother in her but she mostly has her momma's good looks :) Just love that face!

And now some pictures with the people who love them the most, their parents :)
This photo was just taken a few weeks ago. Pictured: Adam's sister Naomi, brother in law Brett, Evie age 5, Lily age 3, and Luke 10 months.
Matching colors! 
Emma being loved on by my brother Scott and sister in law Kim.
I am a proud auntie and I love it! Only wish all my nieces and nephew lived closer than Minnesota and Chesapeake Virginia..no idea how the grandparents do it!! Siblings please smother your kiddos with hugs and kisses from Auntie Katie and give them my love!

This post seems over, right? Well..even though the family tree takes a few turns and even stops, I have a few honorary nieces and nephews to share with you! Are you ready? Here we go! Let's begin again with how they looked when I first met them.

Meet Jason. He is the son of my dear cousin Jessica and her husband Rob. Jess has always been a big sister to me and Rob has been in the picture since I was 9 years old..they are special people. They welcomed Jason in the world 3 years ago and he is a little boy who is full of life!! His personality will have you laughing out loud within seconds of meeting him. Here he is at just a few weeks old sporting santa's suit for his very first Christmas. This boy has grown too fast! Why do all babies do that?
Adam introduced me to his good friend James during our dating days. James then introduced me to his amazing wife, Lynette, who has become a dear friend. Guess what! They had a baby boy 3 years ago too! This is Christian and you may have read the post here about his 3rd birthday. I watched this little guy for a summer during his baby days. Those days are over and we now have a very smart and studly 3 year old! 

Jessica and Rob welcomed their second AND third child last year. Twins. How cool?! Meet Jacqueline. I am not sure who was "first" but what I do know is she has been the most content baby. As a newborn she would simply sit or lay just looking at the world around her. Not a peep out of her, just a happy child full of smiles. Not much has changed, she remains the lover of the two girls. I got to spend a few days with the girls and big brother Jason when the girls were a month old.  
This doll is Olivia. Here she is a month old. Olivia is very out going like her big bro! She loves attention and will perform on command by just about anyone who tells her to sing or to clap! Olivia went through a phase of only wanting Mommy and I am happy to report she ALWAYS was happy in my arms or my lap, she knows me, she knows how much I love her..we have a bond. 

Adam did it again, he introduced me to his good friend Ben and along with Ben came his beautiful wife Hannah. I was lucky enough to have met Hannah during her pregnancy and our friendship took off just in time for when their first baby was brought into the world. This little guy is Jack Manley. Hands down the coolest name ever. Jack lives in town so I have seen him grow and change month to month. One thing that has remained the same, Jack has been a happy boy! We love Jack Jack.

And now more recent pictures of my honorary nieces and nephews.
Summer visit with the Herb kids! Olivia 6 months, Jason 2 1/2, and Jacqueline 6 months. (our attempt at a group shot!)
Adam and Olivia 11 months old and Jacqueline pictured at 11 months.
Jason at 3 years old! (eek, that grin..just love him!)
Summer visit and at Christian's 3rd birthday in January 2011.
Jack pictured at 5 months and again at 10 months old.
And now a few photos with their parents:)
Jessica and Rob with their kiddos celebrating Jason's 3rd birthday and the girls' first birthday!
James and Lynette with big boy Christian Christmas 2010.
Ben and Hannah dressing Jack Jack Winter 2011.

I need to stop finding photos on facebook and just walk away ;) I could literally post 100 pictures of these adorable babes and I would still want more..I love them all to pieces and both Adam and myself have enjoyed being "Aunt" and "Uncle"..so many amazing memories ahead with all of them, we are so blessed! 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the little ones in my life. I would love to hear some auntie and uncle loving from you, so please comment sharing some information on your family, I'd love to get to know you all more! 

Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. Parents feel free to correct me on ages..I think I got them all right but you know us Aunties, sometimes we need a little help :)


.Dark and Gloomy Day.

After two weeks of sunshine, the rain has come. 
I have a surprise day off today and it's raining. No worries, I welcome the rain. With every new rainstorm, I huddle inside with hot coffee and think about my wedding day. We planned for an outdoor ceremony in the mountains and rolling hills of New Jersey but instead were viewing those mountains through the thick fog and rain June 20, 2009 brought. The rain was perfect though, even on my wedding day. It made everyone come together and was the source of great stories and laughter from all (even the bride!). When the rain let up, my amazingly handsome husband and I posed, barefoot in the puddles, for a few quick shots our photographer and friend John Rozier captured. 
Today is dark and gloomy and you know what?
All I can picture is this incredible man who chose me to be his wife for life.
The best part: I get to kiss these lips for the rest of my life.
Love you Adam Everett.


.Oh Tonight.

Do you ever have those nights where you don't even like who you are? You see the mood you are in..you hear the tone you are speaking in..you can observe the reactions (and even the hesitations) from your husband AND dog when you open your mouth to speak and when you are asked a question..but you cannot seem to snap out of it? Well friends, this was me tonight. 

I did not like me tonight. Do you know what I mean? I hope so..but then again, we should always like who we are..right? Who knows. All I know is tonight I was in a mood and guess what--it is so NOT my time of the month. Nope, not even close--this was just Katie being Katie. I hate how it is so easy to blame the one other person you live with for your problems. In my case, its the hubs..poor guy. Let me explain my night to you..you will think to yourself, "Wow, that does not sound bad at all, I've had way worse." I will agree with your thoughts BUT when you are in a mood, you are in a mood..end of story.

It all started with dinner. Adam and I joined e-meals to save money and for the healthy options they offer. Awesome. We are on week 2, tonight called for Sausage and Chicken Gumbo. I don't know about you--but the word "Gumbo" alone made my stomach turn. Adam wanted to try it and we did buy the ingredients for it so I did it..I made the Gumbo. I cannot even list the ingredients to you because the thought of it causes me to smell it, and yes..you can remember smells, and yes..it can cause you to become sick. So, moving on. Dinner tonight did not turn out good, it was awful. The taste and smell got me and after one bite of trying it, I was finished. Adam picked around. For those of you who do not know my husband, believe me when I say this boy sure can eat! 

At this point of the evening, I was depressed and hungry..not a good combination when you are female. I hate wasting things, like food and MONEY! We decided to salvage some of the meal by picking out the kielbasa and rinsing it to remove the flavors of the sauce or whatever Gumbo is..the hubs did this as I was gagging at the smell of it. He then drove to Kroger to pick up some Shells 'N Cheese since he knew my mother would make this with kielbasa when I was a kid. (P.S. There is a Redbox by our Kroger and guess who just got a Blu-Ray player.) Fast forward a bit. I made the Shells 'N Cheese and placed kielbasa in it. Tasted it..it was a familiar taste, made me think of home. So far so good. Then I got a piece of chicken (which snuck into the kielbasa bowl from the Gumbo) that blended in with the color of the cheese and it still tasted like the Gumbo!!! Spit it out and dinner was done for this girl.

I was now feeling like I was going to hurl. Yep, I felt it. I gave my husband the silent treatment because he made a remark that I took the wrong way. Again, poor husband..like I said earlier, it's too easy to blame the person you live with for your problems. We watched our movie and I did not want to admit it to him (because I was in a mood) but it looked awesome, just awesome on the Blu-ray! Finished watching "Takers" and split up to our laptops. Both sitting on couch not talking and on our laptops, what great quality time eh? Checked my blog and noticed Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things had a new post up. I immediately clicked. Before I could even read the first words of her post I hear Sheryl Crow sing, "God, I feel like hell tonight." Adam and I make eye contact and just lose it..we begin cracking up with laughter. Adam thought I had played this on my own and when I told him what happened he laughed even harder. The song continues to say, "Are you strong enough to be my man?" I did not let him give a smart remark (even though I knew it was on the tip of his tongue)..instead I spoke and apologized to him for my behavior. It all ended with laughter, kisses, and big glasses of orange juice.

And now I am here, sitting in my mismatched pj's typing about what all happened tonight. Thank you for reading and allowing me to get it all out. Life is so funny sometimes and the craziest things make us stop and remember to enjoy the small things as Kelle says. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment I do not want to go to, in fact, I've put it off for close to 10 years! You may laugh..it's the chiropractor. I have issues people. I do not want to go tomorrow but I know my body needs me to go. So I am. Prayers would be greatly appreciated ;)

Goodnight..and wow, do I feel better after writing this..I am liking myself again. We shall see what tomorrow morning brings..


.Textured Letters.

After teasing you with this, I feel awful for waiting an entire month to show the final result. I hope you do not mind too much :)

I did a craft involving letters again..please forgive..they are just fun, what can I say! I have had some ideas for a while and decided it was time to let my creative juices free to do a craft for my little home. There is no tutorial to follow along with because let's face it--I did not know what my final product would be. I was simply feeling crafty and found myself roaming the aisles of Michaels, imagine that! I knew I wanted to incorporate a "K" and an "A" to place on my walls in a spot I stare at everyday..a very bare, BIG, spot..did you find it in this post? Okay, I'll give you a minute to look.


Did ya find it? Well here it is:
See friends, it even calls out to me everyday.. everyday I stare at it's emptiness.

I started this whole process by purchasing two wooden letters, a "K" and an "A", with beveled edges from Michaels. I brought my letters home and began my experimenting. Textures have always fascinated me and I love incorporating them into the projects I do. My first thought was to cover my wooden letters in glue and cover them in a light colored sand. FAIL. The color sand did not cover the shade of the wood and the wood grain. I quickly gave my letter a bath and let dry while I pondered. Good news at this point..I was not feeling defeated, just challenged :) When my letter was dry, I used white acrylic paint I had in my craft corner and painted both letters white. Paint covered perfectly! When I was pleased with the letters, I did one last coat of white paint and before the paint was dry, I sprinkled my light colored sand onto the letters. SUCCESS. The letters appeared just as they did in my head. I was thrilled.

Once the letters were nice and dry, I pulled out my hot glue gun and began outlining the beveled edges. When I had a straight line of hot glue drawn, I took some twine I had in the house and placed it on the glue. My intension was to outline the letters using the beveled edges they provided me with..FAIL. The hot glue did not want to stick to the sand.. Good news again, the glue and twine pulled off the letter like a Twizzlers Pull N' Peel! No damage done. I was persistent and found a way to have the glue stick. I used my fingernails, yes I know, and scraped off the sand and some of the paint that was on the beveled edges. When there was a little bit of wood showing, SUCCESS, the hot glue stuck perfectly followed by the twine. Phew. Again, my letters looked the way I pictured it..just took a few more steps than anticipated ;)

Here they are:
Now that my letters were made and I was one happy crafter, I knew I was not finished. I needed to place my letters on something to make them pop and pop on my wall. Hm. I like nature and rustic items and my favorite color is green..what is something that has both..MOSS! Perfect. I found two lids from old shoeboxes I had in my closet that were the right size..no pun intended ;) 

I got in my car and headed back to Michaels to pick up some moss. When I came home I had my work station already set up--hot glue gun CHECK, hot glue sticks CHECK, two shoebox lids CHECK, clean table CHECK, and I added bags of moss! Friends, I will not lie to you..working with the moss kinda grossed me out. The smell and all the little things I found within the moss got my mind wandering and I did not like the direction my thoughts were traveling. I got over it..kinda..and finished hot gluing until the lids (top and sides) were completely covered with moss.

They looked like this:
Now the moss and letters were ready to meet. How did I attach them?--HOT GLUE! I am amazed at the strength of the moss and hot glue..so far so good, it all seems to be stuck rather well..keep those fingers crossed!

Take a look:
Does it look finished?--well, maybe, but I was not done! I bought two wooden frames 3 years ago at a garage sale for 25 cents. They were used in my first college townhouse and have been sitting in a closet since being married. I decided to bust them out, give them a fresh coat of brown spray paint, and hang them on my wall! The sizing again is spot on!

Enjoy the final result! I am not certain how "final" this set up is over our television, but for now, it fills the space and that was the only goal!! :) 
Thanks for reading about my unexpected "adventures" in creating my Textured Letters. I hope you like them and are inspired to make something lovely for your home! Have a wonderful day :)

Happy Living--Happy Crafting
and remember 
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


.Caught up in life.

My last post was on Monday.
Today is Friday.
Shame on me.

It was not my intention to skip my blog for the week..I guess I just got caught up in life. Life was all over the place this week physically and emotionally. I have been struggling with a few things physically that have been causing much pain and my dear husband has been working late and hard the past two weeks to make a very big deadline (there's the emotional part.) I spent A LOT of time in prayer this week. It seemed as if all of my thoughts were turned in to a prayer and it was just me and God chatting nonstop. I feel lucky to have Him. God answered some prayers by giving a week of incredible weather. We live in Virginia and were blessed with sunshine everyday with temps between 65-70 degrees. AMEN. God gave me this weather to remember how to have fun and to distract me from some of the pain I have been experiencing. How did I spend my week? 

      - Loving Grace and Joy each second I was with them
      - Setting up special picnics at the park for them
      - Appreciating how much they have grown since Summer and discovering 
        their new physical abilities on the playground
      - Watching them run around with Colden in our backyard
      - Enjoying Veggie Tales with the girls and being able to share more of who
        Jesus is with them
      - Singing all of the songs from the shows
      - Taking long walks with Colden everyday
      - Smiling at his cuteness and excitement visiting his doggy friends
      - Feeling the hot water on my back from the shower after a sweaty    
        afternoon outside
      - Thinking and prayer time while showering
      - Napping with pup after our walks
      - Preparing and COOKING meals EVERY NIGHT eating only healthy foods
      - Loving on my husband and serving him after a long and stressful day of 
      - Waking up to another day filled with sunshine

This week had plenty of low times and painful moments but God allowed me to get through it all and to rejoice in Him for the things He has given me. I will be continually praying for His guidance regarding my health and body as well as strength and perseverance for Adam at work. Life is not always easy, but we have to remember these seasons and learn as much as we can to realize how blessed we are when God brings us to a new season of life. 

Enjoy the sunshine!


.Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope you all feel love today.

..you know what my real life love story is? I am blessed with a Heavenly Father who loved ME so much, he sent his only son to die for MY SINS to give ME eternal life. I have an earthly father who is the greatest husband to MY mother. I have a best friend who chose ME to be his WIFE. I AM LOVED AND HAVE EXPERIENCED GOD'S LOVE THROUGH THE AMAZING PEOPLE HE HAS PLACED IN MY LIFE. {read full post here}

I am loved. This Valentine's Day, my 1 and only husband and I will celebrate in the love God has shown us and the love He is continually providing us and the love we have for each other. Our plans?--Not sure. Who needs them when you are married to your best friend ;)
One thing we will do together: deliver these little bundles to two women in town who have gone above and beyond for us..Happy Love Day Mom and Grandma Dottie! {recognize these vases? the white one is a sugar bowl from goodwill!}

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 
Let us all be thankful for the love God has shown and remember Him on this special love day.