I love following blogs 
and I must say 
I really do enjoy writing my own. 

Something that crossed my mind about this blog (yep, talking about my own) is there is no rhyme or reason to it. It's simply my life..Adam, Colden, work, fun weekends, boring weekends, visits from friends and family, and a few of the little things I make. Now this is all fine and dandy (I think) but I am striving for something better..something more organized. I like the idea of having days of the week selected to feature certain things. (Hm..this is sounding vague, but I hope you can follow--Ah yes, let me give an example, everyone loves examples.) My friend Anna over at Blissful Whimsy has something she calls "Enchantment Tuesday" and every Tuesday she features inspiration from other bloggers. As a follower and friend, I look forward to seeing her finds every Tuesday. That's it--simple! Anna is giving her followers something to look forward to and I want to do the same! The only snag is--I need some ideas! I plan on asking the hubs when he is home from work because his mind works wonders :) Until then, I thought I would put this post out for all of you--what is something you look forward to reading about? Love and marriage? Puppy love? Home decor? Crafts and DIY? Simply everyday life? Any input would be greatly appreciated because YOU ARE MY FOLLOWERS. I want to give you all something to look forward to and cause each and every one of you to smile, yes smile, after all..."smiling's my favorite." (props if you know what movie that is from)

Good news--tomorrow is Wednesday.
Wednesdays always fly by which means:
It's almost Thursday--which is practically Friday..so


  1. Are you kidding? 'smiling is MY favourite' !
    I could recite the whole movie...i know dork!
    I enjoy your blog very much...sending you a warm hug,

  2. Awww Katie, Katie you always mention me so sweetly :o) i'm so glad to hear someone likes my Tuesday posts! i know a lot of other bloggers have a day dedicated to wedding inspiration, that's fun. I really have no other ideas...sad isn't it? Just so you know I always enjoy your blog rather or not there's any rhyme or reason to it.

  3. Hey Katie! I love reading about your life! It's so fun. I enjoy your craft ideas and tutorials. I also enjoy the home decor ones, and I have really enjoyed the "house tour" posts too. But don't get so caught up in the plan that you forget to put up the cute little posts about your husband or your dog. Check out the blog made (dana-made-it dot com)to see what I mean. Plus she has some really cute stuff.

  4. Thanks ladies! For now I'll just keep it as is until lightning strikes and I have a killer idea ;)
    Lucy--I am a major dork as well, definitely know every line from the movie! Anna--thank you for being the reason I started blogging! Annie--Thanks for the great insight and I LOVE DANA'S BLOG TOO! :)

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your word letters were so unique - loved them. I remember hitting that 100 mark too....It seemed like I was in the 90's forever and then all of a sudden 100 WOWZER! Congrats on the 100 Now what do we aim for? 1000 just seems crazy. :-)