.3 Years Old.

Meet Christian, he is the first boy to steal my heart.. 
This dear baby boy pictured can no longer be called that, he's a big boy now at age 3. Age 3, did you hear my heart breaking when I said that? Our amazing friends James and Lynette gave me the honor of watching their baby for an entire summer back in 2008. 
He looked like this at the time:
On Saturday of this past weekend, we celebrated Christian's 3rd birthday. "3" I have to keep telling myself "3"..I will forever look at him as he appeared that summer and simply enjoy getting to know his big, talkative, hilariously cute personality and fall in love all over again..
he has my heart after all.
Meet big boy Christian, age 3.
Not the greatest shot of myself but look at that handsome fellow, what a smile!
Christian James Banks you are loved. 
Happy 3rd Birthday!