.Little Things Bring Smiles Part 3.

It's that time again--
time to remember what little things brought smiles this January.

- Relaxation after the holidays.
Sleeping in!
Cooking with my husband.
Enjoying the few warmer days with Colden.
Being featured on a few blogs :)
Organizing the closets and pantries.
Visits from friends and family!
- Homemade Chinese dumplings.
Eight O'Clock Hazelnut coffee.
Length of my hair!
Adam's birthday surprise.
Hiking with great people.
Netflix marathons watching Psych with Adam.
Holding my baby niece.
Road trips.
Taking Grace and Joy to a play.
New clothes, thank you Target clearance.
A clean house.
Celebrating a 3rd birthday for an incredible little boy.

What little things brought you smiles this January?


.Our House Part 3.

Dining Room
continuation of Part 2

Our Dining Room is a tiny thing but it serves it's purpose, we EAT in it EVERYDAY! There are plenty of dining tables that would be ideal for this particular set up..BUT..they do not cost $80! This table has been with me for the past 3 1/2 years and is hands down the best purchase made at Goodwill. Some day it will have a nice open room in a beautiful house to stretch it's legs. For now, we are digging the cramp style! ;)

There is not much else to say or do in our dining room..well, maybe there is a little something..

Thank you for reading!


.Our House Part 2.

Introducing our Dining and Living Area

The most important thing to us when we first moved was to make it our place. We were not sure what our place would even look like, feel like, but day by day we made purchases big and small, assembled furniture, and slowly transformed "the duplex" into "our home" all while sticking to a budget! 

Adam and I spend the most time in our Dining and Living Area. It's the place we entertain guests, host dinners, watch movies, play with Colden, work on our laptops, take afternoon naps, and where I craft! We wanted the rooms to reflect our style while being welcoming and comfortable for our guests. Adam and I have a great love for nature so I incorporated rustic items throughout our downstairs as well as different fabrics, textures, and earth tones. The final result is young, fresh, and modern! 

View as you enter the front door:
While snapping these photos, I stopped and thought, "Hm..I should stage things a bit..let me buy some fresh flowers for the rooms and hide all of Colden's stuff..yeah, that would look better." After about a second or two of thinking this way I laughed, that is pretty but not REAL. This is how my house actually looks after a good cleaning, Colden's crate and all! 
The picture on the left displays the gorgeous wood work my incredibly talented husband created. The wooden bowls as well as the "A and K" wooden puzzle were designed and made by Adam when he spent his summer working at Deerfoot Lodge. The puzzle was given to me in a very unique method--a scavenger hunt! It was divided up, each piece with a hand written letter and HINT, all over Camp of the Woods just waiting for my to find it! How awesome is my man :) 

The picture on the right shows our favorite photo together..it was taken the same summer as the puzzle standing on top of Indian Head Mtn in the Adirondacks. You may also recognize a certain tree..
 The art work above our bookcase are wall decals! We love them and highly recommend using them, especially in a rented place..just peel and stick! The flowers in the bookcase are my wedding bouquet, another perk of using artificial ;) The rest of the bookcase is filled with books on cooking, marriage, faith and a few of our family photos.
And just two photos at dusk with the lights on!
The majority of the items purchased in our home came from Target. If you are wondering about something in particular, just ask :) 

Click here to see our home decorated for Christmas.

and now the..Dining Room..continued in Our House Part 3!

P.S. There is one photo in this group that shows a big empty wall--can you find it? No worries, a new craft will soon be here to fill it!

.Our House.

Welcome to the Millers!
-Please enjoy our first little rented home together as newly weds-


.Slow Week.

This has been a slow week on my blog and I do apologize. After a busy and fun weekend, Adam and I are relaxing this week, it's nice. There is laundry waiting to be done, dishes ready to be washed, and a floor in desperate need of a vacuuming. I think tomorrow is a fantastic day to do all of these things ;) I also have a few crafts up my sleeve, I simply need a good snow day to get them done! Keep checking back..as Adam says, 
"Good things are coming."


.Special Weekend.

Wondering why this weekend was "special"--read here, or I can quickly catch you up :)

For Adam's 25th birthday, I decided to fly in his best friend from Boston to spend a long weekend with us. It was a complete surprise for my dear hubs..a good, good surprise--the kind of surprise that actually WORKS! 

We all had a relaxing yet busy weekend together. Thursday night Adam and I treated Phil to an Outback dinner. This provided the perfect setting for catching up and for Phil to enjoy a nice meal after a long day of traveling. Back at our house, I called an early night for myself to allow the guys some good ol' quality time. 

Friday morning we all enjoyed pancakes, sausage, and had amazing conversation. The boys then hung out at Adam's studio, went out for lunch at Roly Poly, and spent the evening snowboarding at Snowflex. Where was I?--I worked! I had the girls all day and then simply rested in the afternoon. The guys were greeted home with hot, delicious tortellini soup, perfect after a cold night at Snowflex. The three of us (and pup) spent the night on our couch watching stand up comedy on youtube..we laughed, hard, so hard tears were pouring out. Is there anything better than laughing with great friends? 

Saturday started with a hearty, healthy breakfast consisting of grapefruits, yogurts, banana nut muffins, scrambled eggs with cheese, and of course--coffee! After breakfast, Phil was amazing and washed the dishes for me! Ladies..go get this one, he's keeper ;) We all headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway to spend the afternoon hiking up Sharp Top. This was the first major exercising for Colden after his knee surgery and we are happy to report he did fabulous! Our dog is always the happiest outdoors...ya know what--so are we! 

Saturday night we had a game night at our place. Getting ready was a bit rushed after our hike but Adam, Phil, and I all worked together and everything fell into place! We had great snacks set out such as cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, apples, grapes, and pomegranate seeds not to mention chili! Thanks to my mom's chili recipe, everyone ate and ate well ;) The game of the night--Cranium! Great game and perfect for a group of people willing to look silly! Good friends, good food, good conversation, and good laughs--LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday Phil treated us to breakfast at the Blue Dahlia. We enjoyed our last morning with him and soaked in as much as we could. Adam and I brought him to the airport and waited with Phil until he was ready to board. God has been good to my husband..he has provided amazing people in his life..the kind who love him, respect him, and encourage him. We miss Phil and are so thankful for the long weekend we had..until next time!

 Here are some pictures from our hike and the one who looks like a little boy?--yeah, that's me!
Happy Weekend!



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