.Where did 2010 go?.

The year is 2011. 

Where did 2010 go? 

Let's take a quick trip back to recap on 2010:

- Adam and I bought our very first car together, a 2007 Pontiac Vibe
- I had my first Girls' Weekend Trip since becoming Mrs. Miller
- Colden was lost in the mountains for 5 days and then he found us
- Adam and I hosted our first (very large) BBQ for our friends and family
- I began working full time
- We celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary backpacking through the 
  Appalachian Trail
- Adam and I went on vacation to OBX with family
- Adam purchased his first MacBook Pro
- We had a mini vacation with dear friends to Eagle Eyrie
- Adam went on his very first business trip working for Envato to Chicago
- I assisted in hosting two baby showers for two of my Sister-in-laws
- Babies were born making our "Auntie and Uncle" status: nieces 3, nephews 
- Adam's company shifted to "Hello Studios" and is solely about video 
- Great friends were married 
- Colden had surgery to fix his luxating patella 
- I was finally brave enough to have wisdom teeth surgery
- Adam and I were able to be a part of celebrating 50 years of marriage for my
  Aunt and Uncle
- Thanksgiving was shared with the Miller family in Minnesota
- The entire Morrow family celebrated Christmas in NJ
- The week leading up to the New Year was spent with the Holm family in VA
- Adam and I were able to host so many friends and family throughout the year

One last thing..

- I started a blog :)


  1. What a full year!... just think, if we're as lucky as your aunt and uncle.... we could get another 48 and a half more!

  2. sounds like 2010 was a wonderful year for y'all too. I posted about our year and it's funny, some of our momentous occasions are similar :o) happy new year katie!

  3. I can't believe Colden was lost in the mountain for 5 days! You must have been a wreck. I'm so glad He found you though

  4. Girls weekend!!! WOOHOO!!! We desperately need to have one again!! I miss you both sooo much!!! :0)