.Blog LOVE.


WOW, do I feel amazing right now! After a very long, hard day of work and not feeling well, I went on the computer for the first time today to find I have 60 followers and many many new comments to read :) WOW. The source for all of this?--I am very happy to share with you I was featured as the "Craft of the Week" on All Thingz Related. If that was not enough, I discovered I was posted on All Thingz Related's facebook page as well as Cleverly Inspired's facebook page and was asked if I wanted to have my tutorial shared on Creative Juices for Decor and Snips & Spice. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I started this blog as something I could do, a new hobby for when my husband works late, and have found such joy and encouragement from it. I love connecting with new people, reading about their lives, and seeing what wonderful things they create. I have also been enjoying writing about my life, as boring as it is sometimes, and found it to be such a relaxing time for me..just me! I am truly honored for all the LOVE shown to me recently. Thank you again, you all have motivated me to keep blogging and to (hopefully) finish making the transition over to my blog's major makeover. 

Love a very happy, happy, happy blogger.