.Little Things Bring Smiles Part 3.

It's that time again--
time to remember what little things brought smiles this January.

- Relaxation after the holidays.
Sleeping in!
Cooking with my husband.
Enjoying the few warmer days with Colden.
Being featured on a few blogs :)
Organizing the closets and pantries.
Visits from friends and family!
- Homemade Chinese dumplings.
Eight O'Clock Hazelnut coffee.
Length of my hair!
Adam's birthday surprise.
Hiking with great people.
Netflix marathons watching Psych with Adam.
Holding my baby niece.
Road trips.
Taking Grace and Joy to a play.
New clothes, thank you Target clearance.
A clean house.
Celebrating a 3rd birthday for an incredible little boy.

What little things brought you smiles this January?