.Toot Toot.

It is just about noon on a Saturday.

I have completed cleaning:
-Living Room
-Dining Room
(--now when I say "Cleaning" I mean CLEANING--)
All furniture has been moved and dusted, floors have been vacuumed and Swiffered, tables have been dusted and Windexed (the glass part of course), couch, pillows, rug, and curtains have been sprayed with Febreeze plus Lysol, and the kitchen and dining room have become best friends with Clorox Wipes.


But wait there is more--
-First load of laundry in dryer
-Second load of laundry in washer (will repeat until all FIVE loads are finished!)
-Coffee is made

All of this sounds just lovely doesn't it?--I feel as if I should "Toot my own horn" but I will not--nope, no tooting around here, unless you are Colden or Adam (and yes--I am referring to a different kind of "tooting" ;) )

There is still plenty more to do:
-Clean bathroom: toilet, sink, floor, closet (has not been touched since all of 
 our house guests were here and as a little reminder, there are two toddlers 
 who use it everyday!)
-Clean shower (again, not been touched!)
-Clean bedroom: declutter, organize drawers and closets, vacuum, dust
-Wash sheets
-Wash Colden's bed
-ATTACK the guest bedroom 

I thought I would spare you the detailed part of what needs to be completed in the guest bedroom and simply share some photos with you. This is what I call "Organized Mess"...I am hoping some of you can relate and understand why I used the word ATTACK :)

Today I am finished. Today I will enjoy my husband (who is currently still sleeping). Today I will craft. Today I will eat good food. Today I will take a walk with Adam and Colden. Today I will go to a movie with Adam. Today will be a good, full, productive day. 

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK: Slowly, yes--slowly, attempt to finish my To-Do list. It will get done, it always gets done, but for today--I am done!

Happy Saturday!


  1. This is exactly what I did on New Year's Day! Sometimes I have to hold off on my cleaning because I know once I begin, I literally cannot stop. I have to devote a full day to it because I go manic and get it all done -- like toothbrush to the floors detailed. Ha! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your day cute girl!

  2. Holy moly! Our place gets like that too like after holidays and stuff...I know exactly what you mean by ATTACK! As a matter of fact, I attacked our entire place today :) Miss you!