.Special Weekend.

Wondering why this weekend was "special"--read here, or I can quickly catch you up :)

For Adam's 25th birthday, I decided to fly in his best friend from Boston to spend a long weekend with us. It was a complete surprise for my dear hubs..a good, good surprise--the kind of surprise that actually WORKS! 

We all had a relaxing yet busy weekend together. Thursday night Adam and I treated Phil to an Outback dinner. This provided the perfect setting for catching up and for Phil to enjoy a nice meal after a long day of traveling. Back at our house, I called an early night for myself to allow the guys some good ol' quality time. 

Friday morning we all enjoyed pancakes, sausage, and had amazing conversation. The boys then hung out at Adam's studio, went out for lunch at Roly Poly, and spent the evening snowboarding at Snowflex. Where was I?--I worked! I had the girls all day and then simply rested in the afternoon. The guys were greeted home with hot, delicious tortellini soup, perfect after a cold night at Snowflex. The three of us (and pup) spent the night on our couch watching stand up comedy on youtube..we laughed, hard, so hard tears were pouring out. Is there anything better than laughing with great friends? 

Saturday started with a hearty, healthy breakfast consisting of grapefruits, yogurts, banana nut muffins, scrambled eggs with cheese, and of course--coffee! After breakfast, Phil was amazing and washed the dishes for me! Ladies..go get this one, he's keeper ;) We all headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway to spend the afternoon hiking up Sharp Top. This was the first major exercising for Colden after his knee surgery and we are happy to report he did fabulous! Our dog is always the happiest outdoors...ya know what--so are we! 

Saturday night we had a game night at our place. Getting ready was a bit rushed after our hike but Adam, Phil, and I all worked together and everything fell into place! We had great snacks set out such as cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, apples, grapes, and pomegranate seeds not to mention chili! Thanks to my mom's chili recipe, everyone ate and ate well ;) The game of the night--Cranium! Great game and perfect for a group of people willing to look silly! Good friends, good food, good conversation, and good laughs--LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday Phil treated us to breakfast at the Blue Dahlia. We enjoyed our last morning with him and soaked in as much as we could. Adam and I brought him to the airport and waited with Phil until he was ready to board. God has been good to my husband..he has provided amazing people in his life..the kind who love him, respect him, and encourage him. We miss Phil and are so thankful for the long weekend we had..until next time!

 Here are some pictures from our hike and the one who looks like a little boy?--yeah, that's me!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend! And I am impressed with all of your supreme breakfast meals you write about!

  2. Aimee--too funny. Your comment made me realize something..I do not really enjoy cooking that much BUT making breakfast has always been my favorite! Cooking energizes me when we have house guests..don't get me wrong--I cook for Adam all the time, but I get more "motivated/inspired" when we have guests. But breakfast is always my go to ;) Funny you noticed that's all I write about..that never even occurred to me! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  4. These pictures are amazing!! Seriously breathtaking!

  5. I can't believe I made your post! What an honor!

    Great pictures of Sharp Top. Let's plan a weekend when you and Adam come up to Boston asap.