.Pregnancy Picture Post.

Try saying that title 3 times fast :)

I have thoughts, emotions, reflections, and experiences I want to write and share but tonight..

..tonight it's just pictures.

37 Weeks:
Colden photobomb..he is simply reminding me he's my first baby ;)

39 Weeks:
I'll try and write soon.

1 week to go--come on July 7th!


.4 Years.

June 20, 2009 I said, "I do."
I never imagined I would love my husband more than at that very moment..

Today, 4 years later, I have experienced a new love for Adam. It is one that is difficult to express with words for it is deep and is a love only my Heavenly Father has provided.

It is beautiful.

This past year has been a different journey for Adam and I as my body has struggled consistently through our pregnancy. By God's grace, we are better people because of it. This pregnancy has made us stronger..it has brought Adam and I closer together as best friends and as husband and wife..it has revealed God's promises to us..it has taught us what loving each other looks like and how to serve one another..how to be selfless..it has made our appreciation for one another strengthen..it has made smiling and laughter more dear..

We are thankful and truly blown away how God has worked in us this past year. It seems every new chapter in our marriage gets better and I often wonder how and why I deserve this..

Our life is not perfect, not at all, but we have each other and do our best to follow God's word.

Adam Everett, thank you for choosing me to be your wife for life. Thank you for choosing to love me on the hard days. Thank you for choosing to view the cup half full. Life is better because of you! I could not have imagined anyone else to be the father to little Penny. I can already feel a new love brewing inside of me for you, a love that will burst into action the moment I see you hold her in your arms. I cannot wait to 'parent' with you--let's do this thing!

Happy 4 years mister, I love you!