.Down Comforter LOVE.

This morning I woke up with a headache and extremely swollen eyelids..(would have included a picture, but I thought I would spare you all from my Quasimodo appearance).. Last night I used my Proactiv, all three steps as stated in my Goals, and then used a facial moisturizer on my eyes. Friends, do not do this! The mixing of the Proactiv and face lotion resulted in a horrible, puffy mess. It is now finally clearing up..now, at 10pm. 

I was hoping if I wore my hair down and my hat, it would cause just enough shadows to hide my new, frightening look. I walked into the girls' school to pick them up with my head held down and was trying my best to be as invisible as possible..I politely greeted the teachers and feel I successfully hid my puffy eyelids until Joy (2) saw me..she ran to me like always and jumped into my arms only to say, "Ew what happened to your face?" in front of everybody...lovely, just lovely. I then went on to pick up Grace (4) and as Joy was exclaiming to her to look at my face, Grace says, "Oh Katie, does it hurt? Are you okay? You look funny!"--I failed. People and kids noticed, at least Grace was concerned first before pointing out how strange I looked. Ah well..tomorrow will be better! Lesson learned.

After lunch, I made a "special bed" for the girls on my living room floor. It simply consisted of 5 blankets, 2 of which were luxurious down comforters, and 5 pillows all smushed together creating a comfy, fluffy place to rest. They loved it because I used the word "special" and got them excited about it. Kids are so easy sometimes--"sometimes!" We all cuddled and watched a new Babar DVD I picked up at Ollie's for $2. (Thank you Ollie's for a very lazy, relaxing afternoon!) 

When the movie ended, I brought the girls upstairs for potty break and reading time. I then tucked the girls in bed for naptime and made myself a "special bed" on my couch in front of the tv. My laptop broke earlier this week so while the girls are sleeping I have been rather bored. Since my house was recently cleaned, I just watched movies..a lot of them! I was only about 10 minutes into Serendipity, when I heard the girls crying upstairs. (Skipping a long story...) I decided it would be best to split the girls up today for naps so Joy came downstairs with me and I made her another "special bed" on the couch. She was asleep instantly--yes!! As I continued watching my movie, I had to press pause to snap a few pictures of Joy and Colden sleeping on the couch. Apparently, I am not the only one who LOVES down comforters ;)

This is the first picture I took, I apologize for the blurriness, I had to post it because I love the way Colden's head is positioned.

At one point I let out a soft giggle--because let's face it, how cute are these two!--and Colden gave me a "look" like he was expressing his annoyance with me for waking him. No big deal, this was him two seconds later:


  1. I am buying a down comforter this week lol I bought the duvet for it already haha where did you get yours from? I'm obsessed with down comforters!

  2. They are the greatest :) The tan one is a smaller, down throw and it was purchased from Kohls. The other one was a gift and it is from Macy's or Lord and Taylor..I do not remember exactly..I cannot wait to see your new duvet, I bet it will look gorgeous in your new place!