.Another One.

I woke up this morning with another headache, a bad one, the kind that will surely turn into a migraine if all the precautionary steps are not taken asap. These include: - migraine medication  -water, water, water - a little bit of food 
- head rub - ice pack - laying down in a quiet, dark room - PRAYER. Did I mention PRAYER?--Oh good, I did ;) This happens so often and is extremely depressing for both my husband and I. Good news my work day starts at 1130am when I pick the girls up from school so there is plenty of time to accomplish all of the things my body is needing to fight the migraine. Bad news for this particular day, we have a house guest. Why is this bad news?--I want to be feeling 110% for our very special guest! The Lord is good, so very good, and gave me the strength and attitude needed to simply wake up and prepare breakfast for Adam and our guest. It was nice and very relaxing. Fast forward 8 hrs and here I am typing on the computer which means one thing: my head is getting better. I caught my headache in time to prevent it from becoming a debilitating migraine. The headache is still with me, but anyone who suffers from migraines understands the blessing "just" a headache is..

Now onto the most important, FUN news. Our house guest..Adam's "surprise" house guest. Who it is you wonder..I would be delighted to tell you! :) His name is Phil Masterson. He is my husband's very best friend and an amazing man of God.  Adam and Phil met at a Christian all boys backpacking camp called Deerfoot Lodge. (I mentioned this camp briefly here.) This is an incredible ministry that speaks the truth and shares the gospel of Christ. Adam and Phil led a 12 day "Voyageur" trip in the High Peaks of Upstate NY. Again, that was 12 days, yes--12 days backpacking in the wilderness while leading young men to Christ! Deerfoot Lodge is an amazing place filled with the most loving, fun, and respected people. It is so special Phil is here with us in VA..in our little town of Lynchburg..so cool! 

Here is the story behind Phil's visit. Adam turned 25 on January 9th and I did not "give" him anything. The reason for this?--I planned weeks ahead for Phil to visit this very weekend. Yes, it is not Adam's birthday weekend, BUT that means one thing: SURPRISE. Phil and I worked great together--I told him I would pay as long as he made the arrangements and simply told me when and where to pick him up. Our plan worked, Adam was completely in shock last night at Phil's arrival. On our way to dinner, I told Adam I needed to make a pit stop on Kemper street..we then found ourselves headed for the train station (imagine that) and my man was CONFUSED. As we got out of the car and walked down the stairs, we found PHIL MASTERSON walking off the train!!--Adam could not believe his eyes. Success.

Happy 25th Birthday to my best friend and props to Phil and I for pulling this off! :) I know this weekend will be a blast for both guys..they are currently skiing and snowboarding together so I think they are off to a great start!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend just like my baby will ;)