.LOVE is in the air.

Valentine's Day is almost here. My whole life prior to college this was just another day. I never had a date, never received any secret admirer letters..nope, Valentine's Day was just like any other day for this gal. There was only one special thing I looked forward to..reading my Valentine's card from my father. You see, I was (and still am today), one of those girls who has a fabulous, loving father. Every year, my dad would buy my mom and I a bouquet of flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. We would all share in the strawberries while watching a fun movie we rented for the night. This was Valentine's Day for me and I have a secret to tell--I LOVED IT! And then college happened...

I had two boyfriends in my four years at Liberty. One lasted for my entire freshman year and the other is still going strong in a little something called marriage! That's right, boyfriend number 2 turned how to be my 1 and only husband! Now let me clarify something..both of these "boyfriends" never had "girlfriends" so my Valentine's Day with them were never exactly romantic, definitely not the like movies! My 1st Valentine's Day was with boyfriend number 1 during my freshman year of college. Little did boyfriend number 1 know, I was very much looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day with a man other than my father..a man who actually liked me that didn't involve bloodline. From what I can remember, he had practice of some sort so we were only able to spend 15 minutes in his car to talk/exchange gifts. I honestly do not remember what I made/gave to him..I think I wrote a letter, maybe..and he gave me homemade card and some drawing supplies (awesome by the way) and then he dropped me off at my dorm room. That was Valentine's Day number 1 with boyfriend number 1..I guess you can say, short but sweet? 

By the time Valentine's Day number 2 came around I was onto boyfriend number 2, pretty convenient huh? Boyfriend number 2, aka my 1 and only husband, took me to a LOVE conference held over Valentine's Weekend at Thomas Road Church here in Lynchburg. This was an all day affair, with a wonderful lunch date to Panera and Starbucks, all about relationships and the differences between men and women. We laughed together and to this day have inside jokes from the conference. When Valentine's Day actually came, Adam and I took his grandmother out to lunch and had a lovely time together. We spent the afternoon apart as I was in suspense of what our evening plans were going to be. Want to know what we did--HOMEWORK! Yep, we spent it in his room working on our homework hardly talking. Awesome right? 

When Valentine's Day number 3 came around, boyfriend number 2 was still in the picture. I decided to take initiative and plan something since last year was a bit of a--what's the word?--Oh yeah, DUD! At the time, I was living with two other roommates who had boyfriends so the girls cooked all day for our men and prepared a killer dinner and dessert for all! We made homemade red sauce, homemade meatballs, sausage, spaghetti, salad, and cake! It was a great dinner and after the meal, all of the couples split up..ah-let me rephrase, all of the couples left to do "couple" things. This year I was not expecting much from boyfriend number 2, simply hoping for a card with a nice note written inside. Well, I got my card alright..are you ready for this?--The cover of the card had this cute cartoon squirrel smirking and giving puppy eyes and the text read, "Wanna do something this Valentine's?"...as I opened the card the once cute squirrel was now wide eyed with his arms out to the sides shouting, "I'm something!!!!" This friends, was the epitome of romantic from boyfriend number 2. We spent the rest of the evening watching a movie we rented. After we said goodnight I thought to myself, "Well, I got my card..I think."

Boyfriend number 2 and I were still together for my 4th Valentine's Day in college. We attended another LOVE conference at Thomas Road Church and this time felt like we truly belonged because we were now ENGAGED! After the night conference, boyfriend number 2 drove me to my townhouse and handed me a box of chocolate covered strawberries and a gift certificate for a massage! Boyfriend number 2 did alright this year!!--except..a certain father called checking he got the things he suggested..he, meaning my dad. BUST. At least boyfriend number 2 learned one important lesson: He listens to his (at the time) future Father-in-Law.

A lot happened between Valentine's Day number 4 and number 5--boyfriend number 2 and I got MARRIED! Now I can refer to him as my 1 and only husband for the rest of this post. Our first married Valentine's Day should have been the most romantic since we could now have s--oh, you get the picture? Okay moving on. I was sick, the kind of sickness that even your mom would prefer kissing you on the cheek instead of your mouth. So much for our most romantic Valentine's Day yet. My 1 and only husband made it up to me and we decided to see a movie in the nice theatre, the $10.50 a ticket nice theatre (remember, NEWLYWEDS!) We saw..I bet you can't guess--"Valentine's Day!" Yes..sadly, we were those people who saw this movie on that day, we did exactly what all the marketing people said we would do. Oh well.

Valentine's Day is almost here making it Valentine's Day number 6 and my 5th Valentine's Day with my 1 and only husband. My expectations are low, so very low. I have learned that real life is not what is projected in the chick flicks the world shoves in our faces (even though I LOVE watching them and crying with the characters)..you know what my real life love story is? I am blessed with a Heavenly Father who loved ME so much, he sent his only son to die for MY SINS to give ME eternal life. I have an earthly father who is the greatest husband to MY mother. I have a best friend who chose ME to be his WIFE. I AM LOVED AND HAVE EXPERIENCE GOD'S LOVE THROUGH THE AMAZING PEOPLE HE HAS PLACED IN MY LIFE. 

I am loved. This Valentine's Day, my 1 and only husband and I will celebrate in the love God has shown us and the love He is continually providing us and the love we have for each other. Our plans?--Not sure. Who needs them when you are married to your best friend ;)


  1. L-O-V-E this post! Hubby and I have been together for
    20 years married for 14 and we don't Valentine!
    But we love, we love
    God and each other, every day!
    Thanks for reminding us of God's perfect
    Love! Xo