.Friday Afternoon.

Good news: Headache is GONE
Bad news: Camping trip is CANCELLED

womp womp.

Adam and I decided the weather is simply too cold to have an enjoyable camping experience and we didn't want our pup to freeze. Our packs are ready to go and fingers are crossed Saturday into Sunday will warm up a bit. So instead of being outside, I am inside peering out my front window and admiring our new curtains.
Today has been a great day so far. I have the day off which is always an early Christmas present :) I took Colden to the vet this morning for his annual check-up and all is good! I gave the vet and her assistants a few good laughs this morning as I battled to hold my 30lb dog still for his shot. Let me tell ya--that little bugger is strong! I survived with two battle wounds to my forearm and a sweatshirt smothered in pretty red hairs while Colden was simply spoiled with treat after treat from the office workers. Something wrong with this picture? Ha, oh pets, gotta love them!

Before heading home, I stopped and picked up coffee and bagels for Adam and I. Well, if you have been keeping up with my blog, you would know the bagels were just for him, no gluten for me! (over three weeks strong!) We had a nice hour long chat in his office with pup playing in the back studio which acts as the ultimate doggie playground.
I came home and made myself some gluten-free pancakes with a little butter and strawberry jam, YUM! I spent about an hr (or closer to 2) perusing the blog world, facebook realm, and of course the mighty-always sucks you in-awesomeness that is pinterest. I am resembling a big gray blob as I type this post thanks to my sweatpants and old field hockey sweatshirt from high school.

Did I forget to mention it's in the low 40's today here in VA? Luckily the snow has not caught up with us like it did in Colorado, Vermont, New York along with other places but we sure are getting the cold air and crazy winds! I love looking out my window and seeing the little yellow and red leaf tornadoes the wind creates against the dark gray sky. It's rather nice being inside under my heating blanket.
Colden is peacefully sleeping a full cushion away from me and the house is quiet. There is no baby crying, no toddlers running and screaming, and best of all (I bet you can guess) there has been no poop messes to clean! I take this as another early Christmas present :) Remember, it's the little things in life.
Just started to rain.

Today is a fabulous day. I am feeling good and there is no agenda. Sure there are chores but no need to rush with them, it's the weekend. Thank you for being patient with me as I kinda sorta took the week off in blogging terms. Sometimes it's nice to step away and then come back with eagerness to write.

I'll leave you with one question: How is your Friday afternoon treating you?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Personally I LOVE Gluten-free pancakes much better than regular pancakes. Much sweeter to me and I love sweet :))) Hope the GF journey is going well for you!

  2. Okay, curtains! Where'd you get them?!

  3. If you can believe this... we are under a Winter Storm Warning up here and are possibly going to get 4-6 inches of snow (I'll believe it when I see it) in OCTOBER! Not the most peaceful thing to have when 38 weeks pregnant! :)

    Glad the gluten free is going well... loving hearing how you all are doing!

  4. Ah! Did you make those curtains or purchase them somewhere? I'e been searching high and low for that fabric! Please tell me where it came from!

  5. Before I forget - I was having a strawberry Yoplait yogurt today and noticed it was gluten free ;)

    I also think I spy some Ikea curtains.

    Friday? Excellent. Recuperating from being on planes for most of yesterday (getting back from vacation). Hope you get some warmer weather for a bit. Just seems wrong for you to have colder weather than us!

  6. Is your little pup a Shiba? Once our twins are over 1, we are going to get one. Would love to know a little more about your pup and if you think he/she would be good with little kids.

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