.The Perfect Evening.

The weather yesterday was sunny and in the upper 50's. It was the perfect combination. I had the afternoon to myself and with a blanket on my legs and slippers on my feet, I knew it was going to be good "Katie" time. I arranged all of my craft supplies on the kitchen table to begin creating but was interrupted by the view outside my window. The falling yellow leaves, the blowing trees, the beaming sun..I just had to be outside. I asked Adam if he was feeling up to doing something after work and like always he said, "Absolutely." He was home at exactly 5:15 and by 5:30 we were dressed and ready to hike with Colden. Lynchburg is blessed with many great trails and mountain views. Yesterday we decided to do a little hike right here in town, only 5 minutes away known as the "Monogram." 

It was the perfect evening.
Happy Living--Happy Hiking
and remember
--Little Things Bring Smiles--


  1. It is sooo pretty where you live! I am majorly jealous! That is my idea of perfect weather, esp since fall in my favorite seasons and I can see all the leaves changing there. I used to live in Northern Idaho (might as well be Canada, haha) and living in Central Cali now where it is not quite desert but not ocean, just hot haha, it still doesn't feel like fall its 80 today and sunny, I think the leaves change oooh about January, it sure confuses my husband and I who are 4seasons types! (no joke back in college in San Diego I bought mini pumpkins to decorate my apt and my roommate asked what I was doing, we leave for xmas break in a week, like I said I was confused with the weather haha!)

  2. Josh and I have done that many times, esp this summer! We should have a puppy date and go ourselves!

  3. aw gr8 photos! looks like you guys had an amazing time!!


  4. Oh wow! That view is breath-taking!!!
    Your dog is a cutie pie, too!