.Oh Mondays.

Mondays are dreaded by all and yet, when we least expect, Mondays surprise us.

I woke this morning to my husband walking past our bed fresh out of the shower in simply a towel. When our eyes met, he winked, I smiled, and fell back to sleep.

An hour later I found myself lying on my back with fingers inside my mouth and bright lights shining on my face. I was at the dentist. I had the same dental assistant as always and our conversation picked up right where it left off 6 months earlier. Holding conversations come naturally to me and I so enjoy getting to know people. This becomes a slight problem when one has three fingers, a scraper, an air sucker thingy, and a water pick all in their mouth. A side note: Do not laugh or even chuckle while getting your mouth worked on, you will spray not just yourself but the lovely assistant cleaning your teeth and all will see how red your face becomes.

On my way home from the dentist, I decided to be spontaneous. I wanted to do something for others because it not only makes me feel good but more importantly the person I did it for. It was still early in the morning and I thought, "What would make me the happiest right now, this very moment?" The answer was simple: Coffee. I drove to one of our local coffee shop and bought 5 coffees and picked up a coffee cake from Kroger. Another side note: Kroger carries this coffee cake and it is the best you will ever have in your entire life--yes, I dare you to try it!

With the coffee cake and 5 coffees safely secured in my vehicle, I headed towards Adam's office. As I walked through the door I smiled; I was excited to surprise everyone. It was a small surprise and one that did not require much work, but it let the guys know I was thinking about them and appreciated how hard they all worked. Smiles greeted me back by each individual and we all took a moment to fellowship over the treats.

I left to pick the girls up from school after receiving a few sweet kisses from my husband. The Weepies new album blasted in my car as I breathed in the cool, crisp fall air. I was wearing my boots and a light sweater with my hair down blowing vigorously in the wind. I found myself smiling more. My twenty minute drive through the mountains was peaceful and I felt God.

I greeted the girls with a smile and asked them how school went today. Yet another side note: Responses a 3 and 4 year old give are always priceless. I look forward to jotting the funny lines down when it's my turn to have children. We sang songs on the drive back and it was not long before Joy fell asleep followed by Grace.

After lunch, I tucked the girls in for nap time. Today, each girl said "I love you," before I told them-how my heart felt full. During their beauty sleep, I crafted. I sat in my bed with my big down comforter swaddled around me and Colden while I wrapped yarn around and around. Maybe the last side note: I am thinking about selling yarn wreaths at our local market for Christmas gift cash, thoughts?

When I came back home from dropping off the girls, I felt God in my kitchen. In my living room. In my hallway. In my bedroom. He blessed Adam and I with a house we own and call home. I quickly changed into my pj's and slippers and headed into the kitchen to make one of my favorite meals on a cold day, Tortellini Soup. I lied, side note time: Thank you Mom for creating this comfort meal I will pass down to my kids some day.

I finished my meal, played with my dog, and now I am sitting here telling you about my day because this Monday surprised me. It filled me with smiles and allowed me to see God in the little things. It made me envision the cup half full. How was your Monday? Did it surprise you?

I will leave you with two of my loves: Food and Colden.
Tortellini Soup:

2lb Chicken Broth
1lb Frozen Cheese Tortellini
Spices: Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder

Boil water. Add frozen tortellini. Cook for 10 minutes or until all tortellini float to the top. Heat chicken broth in separate pot. Add spices as heavy or as light as you prefer to chicken broth. (I suggest adding a little spice, tasting, and so on until you are satisfied with the flavor.) Drain tortellini. Add into chicken broth. Stir it together.

You can never go wrong with a little parmesan cheese on top. The best is when it melts to the bottom of the bowl and your spoon scrapes it up with each bite. Simply delicious!
Adam and I are having a few things done to the house, briefly mentioned here, so Colden has taken over our living room as his domain.
How could you resist this playful little guy.

Oh Mondays.


  1. Your Monday sounds Divine. I was able to nap with my middle child, while my youngest was upstairs in her bed napping. It was a chilly lazy Monday. :) Pleasant enough. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yummm! Tortellini soup sounds good! I will be trying that recipe out soon! You should totally sell the yarn wreaths! They are gorgeous, and I would love to buy one! :)

  3. My Monday was great. The sun was shining, I took a walk with a dear friend, my husband's day off and my mom joined us for tacos. A good day. Thanks for sharing your day and reminding us that God is there!

  4. We just made that soup the other night, too. Emma loves it just as much as we do! This recipe was my especially close friend during the winter I was pregnant with your sweet little niece. It was fast, filling, and didn't make me feel icky. ;) Looks yummy with the parm cheese!

  5. this was lovely. your blog really does help me see all the little things that i can find joy and happiness in, rather focusing on all the big things that might be giving me a hard time. it's such a good reminder. thanks katie : )

  6. Hi Katie,
    I think making and selling some of the wreaths at a small craft show is a great start to give you a feel for what people are looking for. One at a church, usually table is only $20 to set up your stuff.
    I am glad that both you and Kim make that soup. Sooooo easy! We use beef tortellini instead of cheese ones. Just had it Sunday (as usual). This time I added a can of diced tomatoes to change it up. So good.

  7. Beautiful days surprise us more often than not, but you remind that intentionally thinking "what would give someone else joy" can turn any day lovely.

  8. Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to search for some parmesan free tortellini, which can be hard to find, as I can't have it. Hrm, might have to try making them myself some day.

    Sounds like you had an absolutely lovely day full of little sweet details. I love those days.

  9. yum!

    love it! found you via lifemadelovely andhope you'll enter my giveaway and decide to follow:



  10. Perfect post ever. :) It's good to find the good in each day and share it with others.
    I'm pretty sure my closest friend has the same kind of dog as you...I can't remember the breed though...my friend's dog's name is Charlie and I have the pleasure of dog sitting for them when the go out of town! They're great dogs!

  11. that soup looks amazingly simple and delish! can't wait to try it!

  12. I was really expecting this post to go a whole nother route when you said he walked out in a towel and winked. haha. glad you had a great day!!