.Getting Our Lumberjack On.

It's Halloween weekend. 

This means friends+parties+candy+costumes= F U N

Adam and I were invited to a few get togethers and costumes were "required." Back in college we did the "let's try really hard to look good and make our ex's jealous" thing and I must say, it was a success. (We were young, what can I say!) This year we wanted to do another couples costume with items laying around our house. Welp, our closet has a lot of plaid..followed by wool socks..followed by boots.

Any guesses?

Lumberjacks it is! Adam is from Minnesota, don't ya know? The home of Paul Bunyan. We did have great plans to make homemade suspenders, axes, and dress our dog up as Babe the blue ox but instead we took it easy..real easy.

Flannel Shirts
Wool Socks
Hiking Boots
Winter Hats
Thanks to Pinterest, who passed an idea over to my friend who passed an idea over to me, I am proud to share our snack contribution to the party. 

Can you say, "Cheese?"
 ..My, what big teeth you have..
 ..Better to eat you with my dear..

..or to take fun pictures!
Adam and I had a fabulous time as lumberjacks with our friends. One party we attended had a photo booth set up so if those pictures show up somewhere, facebook, I will share with you! 

Did you dress up this year?
What Halloween treat did you make?
H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N ! ! !


  1. wait those are so cute - costumes AND apple teeth snacks! visiting from heathers, and i may be stealing that snack idea for our halloween get together tomorrow night!! very clever and sorta healthy?!

  2. Cute idea, Katie! I have to admit, when I saw your FB status about getting your lumberjack on, I really just thought that you and Adam were out chopping wood! Haha... :)

  3. Ha ha! Hilarious- looks like you had fun too.

  4. Love it! You two are so cute. I'm not dressing up, but my kids are! We're taking a princess and a carpenter trick-or-treating tonight!

  5. you can look forward to seeing a scientist, a cowgirl, and a little lion on my blog in the coming days! :)

  6. Those snacks are BRILLIANT! I hope I remember those for next year! XOL

  7. katie you guys are awesome lumber jacks!!! love it :) and your idea with your dog being Babe the Blue Ox would've been awesome ;)

    glad you had such a fun time at the party! your festive snack is too cute! and healthy! :)

  8. great idea-you guys look great and for no money. wish i had a reason to dress up, but we'll just be giving out candy tonight. hey, at least i've got my orange and black on today. my office is sorely lacking in halloween cheer!

  9. You guys are too cute! And those apple teeth are beyond clever. I bet your dog is disappointed that he was left out. ;)

  10. OMG I love those apples!!!! Such a cute idea!

  11. Your appetizers are so much fun! Did the combo taste good together? Isn't it funny how things change? When it comes to costumes, I'm now more concerned with feeling warm than looking good.

  12. That is the cutest idea ever! I absolutely love it- and the great costumes!


  13. I don't know how I missed this post! But I just had to tell you, I dressed up as a lumberjack also!! I had a plaid flannel shirt and borrowed a guy friend's suspenders!

  14. I love your outfits! So simple, but yet so clever :).