.Bleh Week.

I have been wanting to blog but alas another headache. Taking this week easy getting some house cleaning and laundry done. Hoping for the best this weekend--Adam is planning a little camping getaway for us :) Fingers crossed my head cooperates!

Happy Week to all of YOU! 


  1. How are you doing on your gluten free eating? I was hoping you would become 'free' of headaches as well. Praying you feel better and enjoy a super weekend with the hubs:)

  2. I've had chronic headaches and migraines for 10 years. In the past 5 years, the only time I didn't have them was when I was pregnant and/or not on any birth control with hormones. Done all the cat scans, mris, neurologists, medications, etc. I hope you can figure something out that works for you.