.We Survived.

Good news--Adam and I made it through another weekend with the girls!
Bad news--The precious little ones gave me bronchitis :(

This was genuinely one of the best weekends Adam and I have had in a long time. It was filled with so many smiles, laughs, crafts, presents, reading, cleaning, washing, and kisses! (hence the spreading of the illness) Even though we were all coughing a bit, EVERYBODY had an amazing weekend, even Colden!

Friday consisted of:
     - Numerous crafts, some more difficult and others perfect for two toddlers!
     - Movie watching, thank you to Hulu and their wonderful variety of family
       Christmas movies!
     - Snuggling and reading story books, how I LOVE children's books..the feel
       of the thick pages, the smell when you open the cover, and the beautiful
       beautiful illustrations!
     - Bathtime until every last finger and toe became wrinkled!


Saturday consisted of:
     - Special surprises under the Christmas Tree.
     - Trip downtown to meet Santa and his lovely wife, thank you Lynchburg 
       and our Community Market Place for a great morning!
     - 3 hour naps, yes!!
     - Sugar cookies! Sprinkles, stars, beads, oh what fun :)
     - Snuggling on the couch before bed.
     - Bedtime at 730pm, and then relaxation for the husband and I.

Sunday consisted of:
     - Sleeping in, just kidding!
     - Pancake breakfast.
     - Lazy morning playing with new presents, brought back so many memories
       of my brother and I growing up on Christmas morning.
     - Special photo shoot for Mom and Dad (In case a certain Mom sees this,
       we will keep the final pictures secret until they receive their gift!)

The weekend sadly went by fast, even waking up at 650am. Adam and I love these girls and we are honored their parents let us keep them for weekends they are away. Before I end this very long, very picture crammed post, there is just one more thing I forgot to mention...



  1. Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of energy required (: Merry Christmas!

  2. Sorry about the bronchitis, but it looks like you all had a great weekend! It also looks like you guys will make super parents!

  3. You are too cute! I love the apron! I'm sure those girls will remember these weekends with you guys for the rest of their lives. I feel like i made a wreath like that back in the day. Just adorable!