.Had to Share.

My friend Bethany will be in town tomorrow and we have already set up a morning coffee date to catch up. I received a message from her this afternoon that had me smiling from ear to ear. She found an old facebook message I sent her 5 years ago talking about my first "date" with Adam--so fun!

It dates back to October 14, 2006:

"so my night with adam was a surprise alright..a pleasant surprise. he is so different than anyone i have ever met--and i like that. we had such an interesting conversation, it was deep and just spontaneous if that makes sense. we were so open with each other and i dont know, he just intrigues me i guess. i really enjoyed my time with him and i do want to get to know him more..im interested alright!

we went to the play then went on the roof of demoss, yes the roof! it was crazy--amazing! we laid on our backs and watched the stars and just talked then went in demoss and talked some more and then he danced with me--it was the cutest thing!

i dont know what will happen with adam, but all i know right now is i am left with wanting to know more, seeing him more..so we shall see! its exciting and i just felt like sharing--hope you dont mind! :)"

Oh Adam Everett how you still intrigue me.