.What we've been up to.

Adam and I have been busy, a "good" busy.

We have been:
-looking at houses {FUN!}
-making new purchases
-moving furniture

Curious about the last one or all of them? Well, first let me clarify a few things: 

NO. We did not buy a house. (although we have our eye on one after going to an open house)

Adam and I have upgraded our lifestyle however..in a very "big, soft" kind of way..We bought ourselves a new BED! A king sized Tempur-Pedic to be exact.

I know. 

We are ridiculous BUT we had a good reason. To make a long story short, our first mattress we bought a year ago from {insert store name here} turned out to be defected and we were left with a store credit. Instead of purchasing a similar mattress, we decided to invest in a really good bed, one that will not kill our backs..one that will last for 20+ years..a King size Tempur-Pedic. 

Sounds amazing right? Well..we did not exactly measure the bed or our bedroom before we made the purchase.


Remember the moving furniture part from earlier? Yep, we had to switch rooms in our little duplex to make our new bed work. We are now settling in our guest room and attempting to turn it into our bedroom. 

Need a visual? Let's begin with the moving furniture part.
Have you ever seen a bedroom that is wall to wall BED?! Have you thought to yourselves, "Wow, really guys? This is a tad silly don't ya think?"

Welcome to our new room! Pictures coming in next post, prepare yourselves for a good chuckle!

We simply laugh. Adam and I are now sporting a bedroom that is ALL BED. The silliest part? WE LOVE IT! When your bed is as comfy as ours, who cares about anything else right?!


Stay tuned for more of our bedroom move. I'll end this post with pictures of my boys resting after a night of heavy lifting, enjoy!
Colden is so excited for his new room ;)


  1. How exciting Katie! We are moving next year as well. Your dog is simply precious.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  2. These are the moments you will look back on 50 years and LAUGH. Not that I have 50 years to look back on, I just seeing it being one of those moments (:

  3. Hey Katie! I was excited to find your blog today. I love finding blogs that have fun crafts and how to's it is inspiring! I am excited to read more! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. You will LOVE it. Seriously, we never wake up through the night (unless someone upstairs is crying) and have developed a "waking" problem. Money well spent, hope you enjoy it.

  5. your puppy is adorable!! i'm excited to see how your new room turns out!

  6. An all bed bedroom sounds dreamy... it reminds me when our kiddies were little we had a little town house and we used part of the room for my son's crib..because he wasn't a good sleeper we would push the crib right beside our bed, as he grew older, the crib turned into a day bed and we also pushed that beside the bed...anyway looong story short...three kids later and three beds pushed together...we had an all mattress bedroom too...we called it the family bed....
    with time and when you have kiddies that huge bed is gonna seem tiny.
    sorry about the novel...:o(
    thanks so much for your sweet message. You are a blessing in my life.

  7. Thanks for the nice comment. I love your blog and I love your blog and especially your craafts. By the way the pictures of your dog crack me up. THis is Deniece CArmean but I'm leaving it under my daughters blog.