This weekend has been wonderful.

Friday night Adam and I attended a play performed by Liberty University's Theatre Department. The play was "Enchanted April" and we absolutely loved it! The witty dialogue and the "opposites attract" characters kept us laughing all night, such a delight!

Saturday we were fortunate enough to "help" out our friends Ben and Hannah by watching their adorable son all morning and throughout the evening. Ben's sister Chrissa had her wedding and since Ben and Hannah were in the wedding and busy with many tasks, they needed someone to be with Jack during the ceremony and reception..well, that would be us! We had a blast with Jack..feeding him, changing him, dressing him in his little suit, playing with him, rocking him to sleep..oh the list can keep going..we love Jack Manley!! The wedding was beautiful and we really enjoyed ourselves celebrating with great friends.

Today we slept in. Our church here just moved to having three services..the latest one is at 1230pm, just perfect for Adam and I :) Instead of waking to beautiful sunlight coming in our window, we woke to rain and lots of it. Our pj's were feeling so comfy..the coffee brewing smelled so lovely..and our couch looked so inviting. We stayed home. (I know, I know..it was just one of those mornings.) After good snuggling time with my hubs and pup, Adam and I both organized our closets and it feels so good having that finished..so good.

Ben and Hannah joined us tonight for dinner and a movie at our place. The perfect ending to a busy weekend :) Dinner turned out great (yippee!) and we enjoyed delicious sherbet Ben and Hannah brought over while watching "Knight and Day." All four of us were snuggled with our mate under blankets drinking hot coffee. It was perfect. 

We hope you had a great weekend as well!


  1. Hubs and I watched Knight and Day earlier this week! Thot is was cute. Did you guys like it? Sounds like you had a terrific weekend! Whoowhoo! We did a LOT less than you are describing, but sometimes doing NOTHING is really great too! Love you,

  2. I never liked the taste of coffee, so I rarely drink it, but hearing you talk about how wonderful hazelnut coffee is made me try it the next time I was at dunkin donuts. I'm happy so say that I LOVE hazelnut coffee! Thank you for exposing me to the wonders of coffee!!!

  3. Naomi--we all liked the movie, even it's cheesy parts, and enjoyed some good laughs together!

    Melissa--your comment seriously cracked me up. i do love my hazlenut coffee and i guess i do blog about it often..what can i say? it's my special "treat" and gets me through the day! :) i am so glad you tried it and loved it!

    have a great week ladies!