.Parents Weekend.

This past weekend Adam and I spent some good old quality time with my folks who traveled 

We are still not sure if they were happier to see us or happier to relax in the beautiful Spring weather ;) Let's just say NJ is still sporting a "White Christmas" in March!!!

The forecast from this past weekend in VA:
Friday high of 83
Saturday high of 79
Sunday high of 70 with a few light sprinkles
Monday high of 72

Everyone took full advantage of this and spent all day Saturday outside. The two men did some major "Spring Cleaning" to our rented property while Mom and I..{what's the word?}..oh yeah, RELAXED! Adam made a fire out back later in the evening and it felt good, so very good! 

On Sunday, despite the few sprinkles of rain, we all explored downtown Lynchburg and spent some time in this place:
Adam and I have lived in the Lynchburg/Forest area since '05-'06 and today we acted like touristsIt was fun.

Even though the camera came along for the ride, we sadly only captured a few shots from the weekend..we were too busy having a good time :)

Sunday night was fun and special because the Millers and Morrows got together! We had my father-in-law join us for dinner and dessert. The evening went great but we all missed my mother-in-law who is in MN visiting baby Lucy.

This morning we all had a delicious breakfast at our local diner, The Blue Dahlia. After we finished, we said our goodbyes and all headed off in different directions in different cars. Adam went on his way to work, my parents headed up North, and I enjoyed my ride to pick the girls up from school with all windows down and some Florence + the Machine blasting. It was good.

We miss having my parents here and appreciate the time and energy they put forth to visit us. Looking forward to our next visit..NJ style!

Love you Mom and Dad, thank you for a wonderful weekend and 


  1. Glad you guys had a great weekend together! We're looking forward to our visit next! ;)

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend! so, i checked the ten day weather for up north and apparently snow is on the way for sunday??? i am very jealous of your weather! i am so so so so ready for spring. btw, i got the gift card in the mail. thanks katie!!!

  3. I found your blog through... Green Machine?! maybe?! Anyhow. I am originally from South Boston/ Halifax, VA. I attended Liberty University for a semester. And I love reading your blog! Reminds me of home! :) (I have been transplanted to SC thanks to the husband!)

  4. Yay for parentals! Yay for Florence and the Machine! And yum! Blue Dahlia! :) Miss you