.A Rainy Zany Day.

We are definitely in the season of Spring here in Virginia. 
Rain. Rain. Rain.
 I enjoy it but I cannot say the same for the two little ones I watch everyday. 
Grace and Joy do not like the rain. 
Summer rain is refreshing and can be danced in while Spring rain is cold and can only be watched through windows.
It is Day 3 of rain.
 The girls have been rather zany on this rainy day so I had to think fast. 
Something fun.
PAINT and lots of it :)
I first told the story of Noah and the Ark to the girls.
They were fascinated.
I explained how God made a rainbow for man to remember He will never flood the earth again.
They were excited over the word "rainbow" and began speaking about pots of gold.
{We got back on track}
I used my paint bottles to portray ROY G BIV, the colors of the rainbow, to the girls. 
They had trouble saying "indigo."
We had fun saying each color and putting them in the correct order as they appear in a rainbow.
I then explained Warm colors and Cool colors.
They both wanted the Cool colors because they were "cool."
We went over how red, orange, and yellow were warm colors..as well as pink since it's obviously the favorite.
They learned green, blue, indigo, and violet were cool colors.
At this point, it was time to paint.
Paint. Paint. Paint.
I only had my little point and shoot camera so the quality is not the greatest BUT just look at those happy faces! :)
The girls' painting outfits consisted of:
1. losing the pants
2. losing the socks
3. rolling up sleeves
4. pulling hair up and high
5. putting on adorable aprons
Grace began her canvas art using warm colors and Joy began with cool colors. After the canvas' were completed, we switched colors and used sketch paper!
Some close up of the lil munchkins hard at work.
Just take a look at those messy fingers! Remember..Mess=FUN!! Also remember, I'm a pretty kick a** nanny ;)
Tomorrow I will have the artists pose with their masterpieces but here is a little sneak peek!
I hope you all have enjoyed our Rainy Zany Day :)
P.S. Their legs and feet were covered in paint! So glad I didn't ruin their nice school pants!!