.I've got me some BUTTONS.


Blog Buttons.


Who really knows :)

My hubs made me not one, but TWO BUTTONS.

I love them.

I now "fit in" with the rest of Blog World.

It feels good.


One button says, "featured on..--this means I will be sharing 
some beautiful creations from Blog World!

I am excited.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to post my new buttons on my blog 
with the code accessible for you, my followers..sounds easy, right?

Oh dear.

If you are new to my blog and would like to become a follower, 
my follower box is kind of hidden, sorry!

Scroll down.

Keep going.

You'll find it!

{It's all the way on the bottom}

Wish me luck on the 


  1. Awww they're so cute :o) perhaps someday I'll figure out how to make my own buttons....

  2. Oh Anna..I tell ya, if Adam was not my husband who loves me dearly..I would not have a blog!!! He has helped so much and I am so appreciative. I did follow a tutorial on adding the buttons to your blog but unfortunately the template I currently have only allows me to post them on the bottom. So they are now "hiding" with my follow box. Oh well :) One day I'll choose a new template but not today.

  3. cute buttons...and thanks for the directions to the followers, lol!

  4. Stop making changes, I just get used to the site and you make a change. Ha!