When I woke this morning I never would have guessed what the day would bring..

It was a "normal" morning and early afternoon.
Woke up at 10am.
Took pup out.
Left to pick up the girls.
1150am arrived at school to get girls.
Came home.
Made lunch.
Craft time.
Put girls down for naptime.
Brought girls home at 4pm.
Chiropractor til 5pm.

This is where the day takes a turn for the worse.
Home to find Colden acting "funny."
Nervously checked the house.
I found something.
It was a roach poison packet.
It used to be tucked away in our pantry.
Now it was torn open and all contents eaten.
Colden Colden Colden.
He ate the poison.
He ate part of the plastic packaging.

I called Adam quickly to explain what happened and he called the Vet right away. We were thinking Colden would be fine..maybe with a little diarrhea. 
We were wrong.
The Vet informed us we needed to immediately make Colden vomit.
How does one do this to a dog?
A teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide. 
Adam was not home from work but I decided to take matters in my own hands and make my pup puke. Colden let me open his mouth wide enough to dump the Peroxide down the back of his throat.
Boy, was he angry with me.
I then had to sit and listen as his stomach made disgusting noises and watch him gag and franticly run in circles in my tiny bathroom. Within two minutes, Colden began vomiting..about five minutes later, he was finally finished. 
I felt terrible.
I did this to my dog.
It was so sad.
I now love my dog even more because after I caused him to vomit, he came to my lap and simply laid down. 
He chose me after all of that. 
Adam came home in time to smell the goodness that came out of Colden at all ends! We decided to place pup right in the tub and give him a good bath.
For the first time ever, Colden did not fight us. 
He was exhausted.
After his bath, Adam brought him downstairs so I could finish cleaning the bathroom floor. All of a sudden I hear Adam let out a yelp.
We were right.
Colden did have diarrhea and picked our one and only rug to leave it.
It then happened again.
Adam and I both just shrugged our shoulders and quickly began cleaning. Adam gagged and I chuckled at him. 
Then I gagged and he laughed right back. 
We both continued gagging and laughing as we finished cleaning. We were both grateful for Colden's size. 
He is only 30lbs. 
We were grateful for our little guy and would never wish this upon any dog and their owners, especially big dogs with big stomachs.
By the time we finished cleaning up after Colden, the house was just begging us to keep pushing through and finish what we started.
We worked together and finished cleaning..a good "Spring" cleaning.
Then, at 830pm, we sat down.
We ate pizza and enjoyed our movie and the fresh aroma of our house.
Colden barked at us to play with him.
He is just fine.

This entire afternoon and evening has been excellent Mommy and Daddy practice.
Our dog was sick and literally oozing everywhere.
One day it will be a kid.
Then kids.
Yes, this was excellent practice..props to all the parents reading this!

The day is now over and our bed sounds so good.


  1. Our pup ate several pieces of dark chocolate a few months back, and I totally panicked. Like your vet, ours said to give him hydrogen peroxide. However, unlike your pup, Bear LOVED it, lapped it up, and proceeded to continue playing -- no adverse affect either way. He later pooped it out, but it NEVER phased him. For an 11 pounder he has a stomach of steel!

    So glad Colden is okay. I KNOW how scary that can be!

  2. So scary! I'm so glad he's OK now! *hugs for Colden*

  3. yikes! thank goodness you guys are good now, and so glad it was something you could do at home, not need to take him to a vet.

  4. The adventures of Colden, to be continued...

  5. Poor doggie...:o( good parents ! I don't think I've told you this, but when I first saw a picture of Colden I fell in love with him...I looked up the breed and showed hubby...the kids want a dog and I think we're gonna get a Shibu...we still need to learn a little more about them because most of the info says they're stubborn dogs...(?) I'm glad he is ok !

  6. Poor Pup! Glad things turned out for the best, a Dog's love is amazing! Yeah for Practice Parenting!