.We are Flattered.

Today has been a fun day for the Miller house.

We are simply flattered. 

Adam was informed earlier today he had been featured in an article written for MRP Marketing by J. Bader. After reading the article, Adam called me and expressed his gratitude of being noticed for his hard work. Adam's line of work as a Video Director for Hello Studios and as the editor of Aetuts+ keeps him extremely busy. As explained in my Hobbies post, Adam LOVES his jobs. His two jobs are his two favorite hobbies, how lucky is he? Even though Adam is truly energized by his work, it is tiring and can be overwhelming. It is the little things in life, like the article feature from MRP, that encourage Adam and fill him with determination to rise up and better himself in his field of work. I cannot express the amount of respect I have for my husband and how proud I am of him for all he has accomplished at such a young age. The Lord has blessed him and has allowed amazing opportunities for Adam to learn and grow in the video and motion graphics world. Reading the feature on his work, I am happy, just so happy for Adam. I always express how talented he is and this and that but let's face it, I'm the wife..even though I really mean those things, it's my job to affirm him and his work. When somebody else, someone like J. Bader, elaborates on his work in a detailed, complimentary way, it stands out and is special..really really really special. I am thrilled for my husband and had to share this with you all. Here is a screen shot of the article:

{read full article here}

In other news, my blog has had some recent traffic directed from a website called Pinterest. This is probably old news to most of you, but I just "discovered" this amazing website. From what I gather, you can create your own page to act as your personal bulletin board. This page, allows you to collect ("pin") different ideas from the web such as DIY, crafts, home decor, fashion, you name it and displays them in an organized manner. The days seem to be over when cutting images from magazines and gluing them onto poster boards were the only way to show off our "inspirations"--now, it can all be done online! What a fantastic time saver that is easy, clean, and organized! It gets cooler..My blog has it's very own page! This means other people, people I do not know, "pinned" my crafts to their pages, to their personal, online bulletin boards! I am flattered friends :) Here is a screen shot of the crafts that have been pinned:

{see full page here}

Thank you to everyone who has shown love and support to my blog. I started this blog as something to help pass the time while Adam worked late a few nights and it has turned into something incredible..it's an outlet, my outlet. Writing. I love it! Crafting. I love it! Sharing who I am and who Christ is molding me to be is fun! And I hope you all love it! There is so much to learn in life (and even in my writing style!) and so many mistakes still on the way..thank you for joining me on this journey called LIFE.

Adam and I "Feel Good" today, we hope you do too! Thank you for sharing in our excitement..until next time ;)