.Meet our new BIG bed.

Adam and I need a name for our new love.

Meet our bed.

Our very big bed.

The kind of BIG that fills up an entire room.
After a little shopping spree to Target, my home away from home, our new bed is ready for us! 
Adam was teasing me and comparing me to the mouse from "If you give a mouse a cookie." Just like that cute lil mouse, when one gets a cookie {or in my case, buys a king size bed}, they need a glass of milk {or a few new items.} 
They need new:
-pillow cases
-king size pillows to fit new shams

When one has all new bedding, they need new:
-decorative pillows
-curtain rod

Okay, okay I will admit..we did not need all of these things BUT both parties are enjoying them and our bank account is still alive ;) {Thank you Target!}

Here is the current status of our bedroom makeover. I took these last night before we all dove in for bed, pup included.
So..what do you think? 
Our goal for moving rooms was to 
A. use our new big bed 
B. freshen things up in our duplex after 2 yrs of the same thing
C. spend as little money as possible 
D. reuse as much furniture as we could
E. pick a color scheme to match walls and carpet

I am happy to report Adam is as happy as I am about moving rooms and getting new bedding and curtains! We are hoping these were the only purchases necessary and that we can use what we have to decorate our new room. Fingers crossed ;) 

House status: Still Happy and Still Looking

Guess what?--I'm HAPPY today! God is so good to us!


  1. So how was the first night in your new bed? I love the new room and the owl lamp is adorable...where did you get that?

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  2. Very nice Katie!

  3. Looks great! What do you know...I just got back from Target :)

  4. I took a trip to Paris right out of college, with a group. One of the hotels we stayed in had rooms like this. The bed touched the wall on 2 sides though, and a night stand was on the other. So, just think of yourself as European! (and I'm sure you will have a bigger bedroom in your new house!)

    Love that little little round pillow, great colors and pattern!

    (and thanks for stopping by place!)

  5. It looks great! I also really like the owl lamp and would love to know where you got it.

    Thanks also for stopping by our little nook on the web and the encouragement - made my day!

  6. What an amazing bed. I remember back in November when we were visiting NJ, I threw my out and Dad let me take his spot in the bed for the night. I literally did. not. move! It's worth the lack of walking space, for sure. :)

  7. This random because you didnt discuss this in the post at all, but I love your owl lamp! :)