.Our House Part 5.

Master Bedroom.

Welcome to our room. It is small. It is plain. It is simple. 
And we love it!
Adam and I moved in to our home in June of 2009 as newly weds. We wanted to have our room be simple and lucky for us because we were on a tight budget! One splurge we both decided on were these wonderful decals found on Etsy. They were extremely easy to put up--just make sure your roommate or husband helps!
The mirrors, frames, candles, curtains, end tables, and television came from my college townhouse. (The hubs was very happy to reuse these in our new home) The adorable lamps were purchased at Kolhs, and our bedding and dressers came from Target. We were able to save a lot of money by using things we had and I must add, Adam is very proud of the modern monochromatic scheme as well as the bedding he picked out. 
 The only DIY project featured in our bedroom is the headboard. We did not have the money to buy a nice bed frame with a headboard so I informed Adam of my plan. He was skeptical. We went to Michaels (my home away from home) and bought a large canvas on sale for $14.99. Joann's was our next stop to buy some sheets of stuffing/padding and fabric. Using fabric tacks and some patience, our result was a beautiful headboard for under $30. Yes. I impressed the hubs with this project, felt good ;) The best part is when we decide to change our room colors and/or move, we can simply change the fabric to match!
I snapped a few shots at nighttime to capture the colors more accurately. What started out as documenting my bedroom, quickly turned into a Colden photoshoot. Here are the only shots I got before my dog completely captured my heart {again} and my attention.
Oh Colden.
 His little face with black whiskers get me every time. 

Thank you for checking out our bedroom! There has been talk lately about a bedroom makeover..or another puppy..or a baby..hm..we shall see what the future holds! ;)


  1. So after the proud auntie post and now this last comment I have deduced that you have baby fever! Also, should that last sentence be taken as an announcement?

  2. yes, what is this baby hinting? the bedroom looks marvelous-glad you took night time shots for color accuracy, they are definitely reading different. i love how calm and serene your bedroom is, and those decals are perfect with your comforter. great way to add something, but still be simple.

  3. Babaaay! haha When you guys come down to Cary can you help me decorate? I have a serious inability to be creative...HELP!

  4. Your bedroom is so inviting, I love the bird decals! I heart your bed spread too, I wanted that one but we ended up getting a solid black. After seeing it in a room I might go grab it.

  5. Awesome, awesome idea and job for the headboard!! I might have to "steal" the idea for myself. hehe. I have been looking for different options for my headboard as well. This is genius though. Love it!

    Ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Stop by anytime ;)


  6. Love it! I have that same bedspread!

    I'm blog hopping from The Girl Creative’s blog hop and would love for you to check out my blog too. And I'm your newest follower!

  7. Hi I saw your blog on the Girl Creative Blog Hop, I love love love your birds!! I think i have a bird obsession!


  8. this room is soooo beautiful!!! I love those three metal frame cutout thingys (haha) above the candles. love how you decorate :)

  9. katie its so funny i actually already saw and comment on this post awhile ago. im glad yoo told me about it again though. you're room is GORGEOUS and it's so funny we bought the same comforter!! it looks great! can't wait to actually have a house to put ours in!!