.Flow it, Show it, Long as God can Grow it, My Hair.

This post is about exactly what the title says, "hair."
..my hair in particular.
My hair is thick, but not too thick, and it is naturally wavy, but not too wavy. It can be straightened easily with a hair straightener and can be curled quickly with a little gel or mousse, and some good "scrunching."
My entire life prior to 2006, I sported two simple hairstyles:
1. Long and straight.
See below: 1st grade and 12th grade.
 2. Shoulder length cut.
See below: 4th grade and 10th grade.
I love how these two photos act as an advertisement for braces. My nickname is no longer snaggletooth :D
Looking back, I can see how I always played it safe when it came to my hair. I always kept my color natural because I am a strong believer   
brunettes have fun too ;) 
..and then I did something BIG.
In 2006 I did this:
I cut my hair.
..short, very short.
My reasons for cutting it may not have been the best, you can read about that here, but I am so happy I went through with it.
I met Adam towards the end of 2006. Every time I ask him about my hair he says the same thing, "Well, I fell in love with a short haired cutie."
..so, I kept it short for him!
I did straight and sleek..mini poof..
..in front of ears..behind ears..
..pig tails and bobbi pins..
..teeny tiny pony tails..
..naturally wavy..
 ..a few natural waves on top, straightened on bottom..
 ..curly down and curly pinned up..
..asymmetrical bob..
And now, it has been over a year since I have gotten my hair cut.
..over a year.
I am trying to grow it out long like it was back in high school.
You see, ever since I cut my hair short, it has stayed short.
After our wedding my hair was "long" and then I cut it once again. Check out those before and after shots.
..the hubs was happy, remember he fell in love with a "short haired cutie!"
 Right now, this very day, is the longest my hair has been since my senior year of high school.
I donated 12 inches that year to locks for love.
..12 inches.
 This photo was taken just last weekend. You may notice the reddish tint I colored it recently with my darker roots coming in, nice eh? Maybe this look will catch on soon ;) I admit, my eyes are looking a bit BIG and "cartoony" as Adam says but it shows off the hair well, don't ya think?
  I am getting that "itch" to cut it short again.
..but I really want long hair for the winter.
Decisions decisions.
Do you have any input? 
Is there a favorite cut or style you like best? 
This is mine:
I am also thinking of trying out the thick bang look with the long hair like Kelle is rocking from Enjoying the Small Things.
What do you think?
My next trip to NJ I am visiting my girl Marie, the only girl I let cut my hair, and I'm going to do something BIG again.
Stay tuned.

..sick of looking at my face? I know I sure am! :)
..Challenge: Who can name the song the title comes from without using google?..


  1. Very few people can rock short hair, and you TOTALLY can! I say if it works, cut it! Also, the song is from the Producers, If You Got It, Flaunt It :)

  2. You have the face shape that works with short or long...and usually I have really strong feelings about which way people look better...but quite honestly, you look stunning either way-short short or long long! I know. I'm not helping with a decision. Haha! Ok, let me try to suggest something...Long, layered from ear down for volume, side bangs?

  3. indeed! I love the short hair on you!

  4. Like the others have said, you do rock the short hair. I don't think I could but I am eyeing up that asymetical bob. I'm in an itch too. My hair is the longest its been since my wedding and I want a drastic cut BUT at the same time I don't. So fickle!

  5. Honestly, you look great in all of those haircuts, but I have to say that the short hair is definitely my favorite! I just love how spunky and fun short hair looks--I think it makes you look SO cute and sophisticated. You should do it again! I love it!

  6. I LOVED it when you cut your hair short. You are stunning with short hair. but girl, hair takes forever to grow, so if you want long hair for one more winter, I'd say let it grow. It's only one more season and then you can again stun the world with your beauty. I've been growing my hair long and it's finally the longest I've had it since I cut it when I was about 10 yrs old.

  7. Well, you know how I am with hair. "Long" is when it reaches my shoulders and then I HAVE to cut it! You really do look beautiful either way, but if I am going for a helpful suggestion, I think the short hair is so so stylish on you. Everyone who has already commented is right--short hair is definitely not something that everyone can pull off, and you do it so well! Seeing as how we'll be in NJ together when you visit Marie, I'm looking forward to seeing the big change firsthand! :)

  8. Katie,I love the most recent pic with your long hair. But you are adorable no matter what the length. My philosophy of hair: Have fun with it- it will grow out. -M

  9. You are blessed with being very photogenic Katie. I envy you :o) I love your hair all these ways but I think I agree with you, that sassy short, short cut is just so great on you!

  10. I think you look great both ways, but I say go short! If you can rock a cut like that (and you most certainly CAN), I say do it up!

  11. I agree that if you can rock the short cut go for it! You are absolutely adorable both ways though!

  12. I admire you for getting your hair cut that short..I'm too much of a chicken!

    Where do you get your hair cut in NJ? I currently go to either supercuts or pro haircutters in the Rockaway mall...I need a REAL hairdresser!

  13. You are so pretty no matter what hair style you got on...it's the smile in your eyes...:)
    sorry I havent kept in touch....:( i've been so busy with life...still luv ya bunches....whatever hairstyle you choose you will Rock it ! xo

  14. you look beautiful with it both ways. so, whatever you decide is a win win.
    i'm following ya!

  15. You look gorgeous no matter what! These pictures are awesome - like those celebrity pics in magazines where they show styles through the years! And I'm seriously crazy-impressed with how much you've done with your hair... how many styles and 'dos and everything! I feel like gathering my pics would not show nearly as much fun and variety! : )

  16. I think you look super cute with short hair! I just cut tons of hair off my head and don't regret it one little bit. It just go too heavy. I feel much lighter now. ;-) I say cut if that's what you really want. Honestly, all your styles look great on you.

  17. Your face was MADE for the pixie cut! I'm jealous. I'm trying work up the nerve for something shorter but I'm not quite up to hair donation length yet. (found you via the pleated poppy)

  18. I think you look adorable with short hair. You have the face to carry it and it makes you look so spunky and fun loving. The long kind of draws your face down making you look a bit sad. And from what I've read so far...you're far from sad :) I hope that helps...I'm kind of in the same boat. Mid-back length and I'm thinking of cutting short. Decisions, decisions.

    Good luck!

  19. What a fun post! I like the picture of your hair short in front of your ears.

  20. My favorites are the pinned up with pigtails and the "behind ears". So, I prefer the shorter.

  21. I decided to cut mine short and have an appointment on Thursday, and then I remembered your blog post from so long ago and it made me happy to see all of the different things I can do with it :) Blessings, Katie!

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