.Little Things Bring Smiles Part 8.

The name of my blog is

Little Things Bring Smiles.

I chose this title because it is so important to remember the little things in life and to rejoice in them. My reason for blogging is to share my life, all parts of it {including the good, the bad, and the ugly} along with the crafts and DIY projects I complete. Each month I want to focus on the little things that brought smiles to my days. I would love for you to share your little things and see if they bring a smile to me, or another reader :)

 Here are my little things from June:

- Baby carrots + Kraft fat free Ranch dressing
- The way my dog snuggles with me at night
- Sunshine after a big storm
- Getting dressed up for my love
- Granny Smith apples + Peanut Butter 
- Netflix for the hours of good movie watching with Adam and friends
- BBQ's and fellowship
- The groundhog that lives in my backyard I named Tabis
- Special packages received in the mail from loved ones near and far
- New washer and dryer (woot woot)
- CLEAN clothes and sheets
- Danon's Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt + fresh blueberries + almonds
- Honey Nut Cheerios
- Herbal Tea
- Gain scented air fresheners
- Anniversary flowers from the hubs
- New outdoor pillows thanks to my favorite store, Target
- Our very own personal Ninja
- V8 Fusion drinks: Pomegranate + Blueberry and Strawberry + Banana
- Having the girls I nanny stay here for 2 nights
- Friendly neighbors
- Adam's accomplishments at work
- How Grace (age 4) answers a yes or no question with "sure"

And one kind of BIG little thing:
- Losing 10 pounds!!!

The month of June showed many of God's wonderful blessings to my life.

Now it's your turn. Always remember,
Little Things Bring Smiles!


  1. 10 pounds?! That's awesome!! Woohooooo :)

  2. Those things sounds pretty awesome for june!!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! It is wonderful. So peaceful in the mountains to, and usally they play bluegrass music. I'm not really into BlueGrass normally haha, but something about the mountains, and people getting together to have fun, the music just seems normal haha :)

    We try to have as much fun as possible no matter that we're doing. It just makes life better :)

    Hope you can try it out sometime! You're in Lynchburg right? Thats only like an hour north of us in DryFork. :)

    Sidenote: Everytime I visit your blog It reminds me of a friend I had when my husband was in the Navy. Her name was Katie Miller too.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I'm so glad you liked it! Your comment totally made ME smile! And your blog design is obviously amazing and I love it! Also, I think we may be psychically connected because I seriously was about to post about my favorite things including granny smith apples with crunch peanut butter and raisins! Have you tried adding raisins? Like ants on a log... but yummier! Or I think so... : )

  4. Hi Katie! I love your lists and you've inspired me! I hope you don't mind that I decided to play along. Here's the link to my June list! (Oh and I definitely gave you the credit!) http://ninjawifery.blogspot.com/2011/06/little-things-bring-smiles.html

  5. Katie! Congrats on losing ten pounds. Keep up the good work! I've been wondering how those V8 fusion drinks are...I may just have to try one!

  6. Keep on dressing up - but for you : ) Well done on the 10 lbs

  7. Thanks for the comment about my new layout Katie! I really love it finally haha, I have been trying to find the perfect design ya know? I always live your monthly posts about what made you smile!

    Taylor@Taylor Made

  8. I have a Ninja master prep... not the one on that website though. It's like the one in the Pro System but without the mixer thing (I have my gorgeous orange KitchenAid for that!) and those little green cups. So basically I have those three different containers and the actual machine that just goes onto the top, and Lord but I love it. Granted, you have the blender, but I'm pretty sure you could make a smoothie in about half a second! Love it.

  9. awesome list!
    and HOORAY for ten pounds gone!
    happy weekend xo

  10. I love you so much! I'm really having fun watching this doggy show with you tonight! Super funny! I also love our new ninja and that V8 juice... and when you pack for us before trips! :)

  11. Love this post. It really shows how the little things can add to a lot. My most recent little thing that made me smile was seeing my children's awe when they saw fireworks for the first time last night. It was priceless.