This weekend had it's major ups and downs. I'm choosing to forget the downs and remember the ups from our Saturday night. We enjoyed some of the best, simple things in life: 
Friends, Fellowship, Babies, Food, and Settlers of Catan.

 Best Friends in the making: Liam and Jack
Settlers of Catan = 2 hours well spent.
 Rawr Hannah.
 Work it Emily!
Life is good.


  1. settlers of catan! we love that game! well...it is a love/hate relationship for me. but my husband and his brother are obsessed with it! good times! great pics! :)

  2. Love Settlers! Sounds awesome.

  3. adorable little guys! I am SO not good at Settler's of Catan but my husband's family loves it. :) thanks for linking up with the simple things Katie, I loved popping by your blog! I'm your newest follower. Rebecca

  4. Looks like a fun night! Those baby boys are adorable, by the way! Babies make everything better. :)

    Can't WAIT to see you guys this weekend! Wait until you see Emma--she is on the move and there aint' nothin' gonna stand in her way! :)Hehe. Love you!

  5. How cute are those boys! We love Settlers at our house too. Looks like a fun time!

  6. that looks like my idea of a good time. Nothing better than a go weekend away with great people.

  7. Wow, crazy. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago when looking for some wreath and felt flower tutorials. I just realized the other day that we live in the same area (I'm in Concord), but now I know it's a small world because we know Abe, Emily, and little Liam!

  8. Katie! What BEAUTIFUL babies. Love those smiles! And I am a board game fanatic...although I've never heard of Settlers of Catan! I'll have to check it out...never met a game I didn't like. ;) Hope you have a wonderful week!!