Adam does not like tomatoes.

This is how I get him to eat them: 

I chop up some of his FAVORITE, FRESH INGREDIENTS:

                                             - Red Onion
                                             - Garlic
                                             - Basil
                                             - Salt n' Pepper
                                             - Bread (Thank you Panera)
                                             - Tomatoes!

 Spread a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the bread, place it on our panini press and..


 Tomatoes have never tasted so good! Bruschetta is a perfect, healthyrefreshing lunch for a hot summer day like today.



  1. yes. Yes. YES. I lo-o-o-ove bruschetta! it's been too long since I've made it...basil and tomatoes, perfect together :) and Katie i love that you added red onions! :)

    PS - thanks so much for entering and being up for the Pay It Foward challenge!! :)

  2. James doesn't like tomatoes either...but he'll eat bruschetta! I will brush the bread with extra virgin olive oil and we'll scoop the topping up with hot, toasty bread..it's yummmmy! :)

  3. I meant to say that I toast the bread in the oven after brushing it with oil....I have a bad case of pregnancy brain. haha

  4. I do that too! Thank you for reminding me :) I knew I was forgetting something!

  5. MMmmmm, that looks so good! I love tomatoes, but have never tried bruschetta (am I crazy or what?). This looks delicious! (And thank you THANK YOU for spelling "voila" correctly . . . I was starting to develop a tic yesterday after reading "wahla," "wa-la" or "wallah" on multiple blogs. Spelling Nazi? Maybe.)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  6. Oh Wow! This looks amazing! Been enjoying your blog =D

  7. wait until the summer and get some tomatoes from new jersey.. so sweet.. really fool him and chop up some ripe avacado! so yummy!! (oh and a bit of garlic too!) love and miss you.. ollie laying on my lap as i spent hours unpacking tonight!

  8. um this looks AMAZING. my husband doesn't like tomatoes and therefor I am trying this!

  9. one of my favorite things about summer! i grow tomatoes and basil specifically for this purpose! i like to add some balsamic vinegar to the mix too!

  10. I love bruschetta! My husband likes to top the bread with bruschetta, then some cheese and stick them under the broiler for a couple minutes. So good!

  11. Love your blog! It would be great if you came and linked some of your ideas to Lovely Little Snippets!

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