.For Pop.

Happy Father's Day to a man who has been such a great example of Christ in my life..my Pop. When I was a little girl, my dad would say "I love you," and in response I would say, "I love you more." I am so very blessed to call this man my father:
I adore these "little" looks our photographer captured of my father and I. 
He has smiled at me with that smile my entire life.
"I love you more."- Squirt


  1. The place where you had your wedding was BEAUTIFUL! What place was it?

  2. thank you! my husband and i absolutely fell in love with the location--we wanted a more rustic feel and with the cobblestone floor and wooded ceiling, we found it!

    it was at the Ballyowen in Northern NJ.

    check it out here: http://www.crystalgolfresort.com/Content/Article.aspx?SID=17&CID=11&AID=490