.Our Week.

Oh friends..it has been a long week
Care to read along as I write out our week?
Great!..I thought you were just dying to know what we've been up to ;)

Let's begin with Memorial Day Weekend. 

While many of you spent it with friends and family enjoying a lake, pool, or ocean and eating foods such as hotdogs, burgers, and bbq chicken Adam and I did this:
Goodbye 1120 Rolling Hills Dr. We will miss you! To see how our duplex looked when it was decorated, click here.
On Saturday, Adam and I spent the entire day packing, cleaning, and taking numerous trips to the new house to drop off loads of our things.  Adam noticed something while we were packing..something on our front window screen..something dark as night..something with eight legs..something the size of a silver dollar..something with a red hour glass on it's butt. 

Yes, a black widow. A huge black widow. (Did you know my one fear in life is spiders? My family and friends will back me up here..ever since I could remember even the tiniest of spiders send shivers down my spine and give me the sensation something is crawling on me for hours.) Adam took a picture of it before killing it with hornet spray. I have it on the computer but I do not think I can upload it because I never want to look at it again! Seeing it in person was surreal..I felt like there should have been a glass case around it, it was so big! Okay. I MUST move on.

Sunday afternoon 8 of our dear friends all came by to help Adam and I move over the big stuff..the beds, couch, tv stand, bookshelf, etc. It was hot and everyone was amazing and so willing to help! With all of those hands working hard plus the many borrowed vehicles, we were able to have our place emptied out in only 2 trips! Adam treated our friends and I to a wonderful lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town, La Carreta. 

Late Sunday afternoon Adam and I were in our very first car accident. Luckily, everyone was okay but damage was done to all three vehicles. Quick recap on what happened--There were two cars in front of us and the first car stopped suddenly to make a left turn. (no signal, no nothing!) The car in front of us slammed on his brakes..Adam managed to stop in time so we did not hit the person in front of us..and the person behind us just barely stopped in time..and then the last driver in a huge Land Rover going much faster than the speed limit did not stop in time..he hit the girl behind us who then hit us..that poor girl, her car got sandwiched between two bigger vehicles and sadly it was wrecked. Adam and I are fine just extremely sore, again that poor girl who was in the middle, I cannot imagine what her body feels like. After waiting 2 hrs for the cops to finish writing their report, it became dark and we were depressed. We headed home to take a hot shower and lay down for a bit. After about an hour, we decided to go to Adam's parents' house to be with family and just relax and watch a movie. It was nice, we watched Newsies and had fun singing all of the songs together! It had been years and years since I last watched it but my memory for the lyrics and my childhood crush on Christian Bale came rushing back :)

On Monday, Adam took half a day at work while I continued cleaning our place in hopes we would get our full security deposit back. (by the way..we will be! our landlord said the place looked great! another incredible blessing!) I did not finish everything on my to-do-list because my body was still sore from the accident, it was actually worse this day. Monday night was fun and just what the doctor ordered for Adam and I--it was our last night in our old place! Everything in the duplex was packed and moved to the new house except one mattress, laptop, redbox, two towels, shower supplies, and just enough kitchen pots to make our favorite, cheapest, and last meal: whole grain spaghetti, garlic sausage tomato sauce, and milk. For dessert we had: coffee and blueberry cake freshly baked by me :)
Curious..do you like milk as much as we do? We can drink milk with literally any meal! My mother is grossed out how we can drink it with red sauce--to us it's the perfect match!
Shower + PJ's + Husband + Puppy + Mattress on floor + Spaghetti dinner + Coffee + Redbox = The Perfect Last Night.
 Love this man! We had a blast together and really enjoyed our slumber party on the floor..(not sure why having our mattress on the floor made it so special but it was!!) As we were eating dinner, Adam and I took turns sharing our favorite memories and moments we had in our duplex. Tears of laughter filled our eyes and we both felt extremely blessed for everything the Lord has done for us. I would love to share our favorite memories and moments with you but MANY of them were just for the two of us to smile and remember ;)

Tuesday I took the day off because there was still work to be done in the duplex and at the new house and I was not ready for two little toddlers. I took my time and everything was finished and crossed off my list! Adam and I arrived at the new house to officially move in at 10pm after running some errands and eating dinner. Adam stayed up til 1:30am and set up our living room and vacuumed everything!! I was a little excited and stayed up til 4:30am getting our kitchen entirely set up :) I just could not stop!

Wednesday morning came fast! I picked up the girls at 9am and Adam was off filming by 8:45am. It was worth staying up late when we walked into our living room and kitchen together--it felt wonderful--we have a HOUSE! The girls I nanny really enjoyed our new house and had a blast exploring all morning. Later in the afternoon I finished organizing our closet and got the bedroom emptied out so Adam could set up our bed after work.

As soon as Adam got home, we decided to get a pizza! I was not feeling too well but I thought it was because I only had scrambled eggs and an apple all day long so dinner sounded good. At the restaurant, I had to step outside a few times because my body was feeling very ill. When our pizza came I asked for a box and I apologized to Adam. He is awesome and said no problem, I'll just eat at home. When we got home Adam enjoyed his pizza while I sat in front of the toilet. You know that feeling when a heat wave rushes through your body causing sweat to form on your forehead and your legs, arms, fingers, and toes feel all tingly and jello-like and your heart begins to race a tad faster..and faster..and faster..until you..

Yeah, I was sick all night.. It was awful. I tried being optimistic and in a good mood for Adam's sake. Every time he checked on me (bringing fresh water and patting my back) I would smile at him and as soon as he left I would throw up some more. It felt strange because our master bathroom still did not feel like my bathroom. The entire night was off. Adam set up our bed and helped out with more things around the house while I did nothing except feel miserable. We watched a few episodes of Better Off Ted on hulu before falling asleep.

The next morning (Thursday) Adam was out the door before 7am for another long day of filming. I woke up and showered and convinced myself I was better. I failed. The heat from the shower became too much for my body and I felt lightheaded so I quickly turned it off and stepped out. The cool air felt great but was not enough..I am happy to report however, I made it to the toilet! It happened again..I was still sick. I called and asked for the day off. I literally spent the entire day in bed, it sucked. Thankfully, my mother-in-law brought me over some Gatorade, Saltines, and bread. I snacked on a few crackers and drank a lot of Gatorade. (As a kid, my mom would always give me these things when I was sick to my stomach so even now as an adult these things are so comforting! Do you have any foods like that?) I was able to keep the crackers down and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Adam made me when he got home. Even though my day was just UGH, something fun arrived! Adam was eager to set it up but sadly it got too dark too quick for him to finish..all I am saying is "coming soon!"
To see photos of the exterior click here.
To see photos of the interior click here.
Today is Friday and here I am typing a post. I only worked half a day because my darn stomach is still feeling queasy..still. Very frustrating but I'm attempting to work past it and remember how awesome life really is right now! (Remember, I said "attempting"--prayers would be greatly appreciated!) This post may have numerous grammatical errors and sound weird in some parts, I know..I usually go back and proof read my writing but today I just do not feel like it..sorry :)

This week has really been everywhere and long. 
I am tired. I am weak. I am sad. And..
My husband is gone on business until Tuesday night.
I miss that boy like crazy when he is gone but luckily I have pup here and will be watching the girls all day tomorrow. They will be a very good distraction! Like I just wrote, prayers would be greatly appreciated for me this weekend. After being sick and being in the new house, things are feeling off. Don't get me wrong--I am happy on the inside and very excited to be in the new house..I guess I just pictured my first week here a little different.

 I threw out my to-do-list for the weekend and made a new and improved list:
- Sleep in
- Watch movie after movie
- Take pup on a walk in the new neighborhood
- Attempt to eat actual food
- Go to church with our friends Ben and Hannah on Sunday
- Take a bath in our jacuzzi tub!

Happy Weekend!
(For those of you who made it all the way to the end of this post, THANK YOU for reading! I'd love to know how your week has been and any fun plans you may have set up for the weekend! )


  1. Feel better, Sweetie!
    Praying for you :)

  2. what an exciting week! minus the sickness. feel better! love you!

  3. Wow! So sorry that you were sick this week. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy getting settled this weekend/ week. My week, was getting my brain back on track after being gone for 2 weeks. We had a great trip, but it's a long time to be away from home with two little ones in tow. Tomorrow my cousin gets married and Stella is the flower girl! Way fun, but way busy! Get some rest this weekend!

  4. When I read that you were sick I kept waiting to read something like... "oh and it was morning sickness!!!" :))) but, nothing... oh well!

  5. Queasy huh? Sounds like a long week.. i had a month of that packing up our home. Nice to be on an island for ten days before the move on sunday.. hope u feel better

  6. Oh no I'm sorry you're not feeling well :(

    Sounds like you guys had a crazy busy week, but definitely filled with exciting things! Congratulaions again on the house!

  7. I feel like a bad neighbor! You've been so sick and I didn't even know! A couple of times I thought about just walking over, but Ben says I shouldn't go over to your house without an invitation ;) ha! I hope you are feeling a little better today, and that we will see you at Grace Church tomorrow!

  8. goodness what a week! so sorry to hear about your car accident and being sick at such an incredibly inconvenient time. I hope you are loving getting settled in your new home !