.I Dream of IKEA + Target.

I always thought of myself as a "big fan" of IKEA and Target but after visiting IKEA for the second time ever and stopping at a Super Target for the first time I came to a new conclusion:

I am obsessed. 

Yes, that is right. I could spend hours upon hours just roaming these stores and could literally spend every penny I have on their amazing things for your home..luckily, I have a husband who keeps me on track ;) (And even luckier for him--we do not have an IKEA or Super Target anywhere within 3.5 hrs of Lynchburg.)

These two fabulous stores do have something I can access however..

A website. 

I am having an absolute blast this afternoon while the girls are "napping" (aka the older one is sooo not sleeping but needs to spend time alone to relax) perusing the websites. My mind has not stopped dreaming about our new house since the first day we saw it..every time Adam and I look around our new home, we daydream together and share our realistic to do list as well as our "some day" to do list. I love hearing what Adam's mind is brewing about the house. Unlike most guys (in my opinion), my husband actually cares what we plan to do to the house. He lets me decide on colors, fabrics, and so on BUT he actually has input about furniture and especially the outdoor living space. (Are your husbands like this?) I love the way our brains work together..we are better together.

As sad as I am to leave our current home, I am excited to do something different in the new house. Adam and I love nature and I tried to tie in modern + rustic in our rented duplex. We love it and will miss it deeply! (Please check out our house tour located here) Oh--that kitchen--I miss it already..Okay moving on..In the new house I'm thinking about being bold and a tad f u n k y--Funky? Yes. F U N K Y. Bright colors, intricate fabrics, modern furniture, original artwork..fresh and fun! We are young and I feel like now is the time to do this with our home. As we grow older together and our family develops, we can always "calm" down our decor simply with paint colors. So..

I am going to share some things I love from my two stores..nothing is purchased (except for a certain rug, hehe) I'm simply planning and dreaming of IKEA + Target..

Couch for living room (possible color choices include green, brown, or tan):

Rug for living room or master bedroom: PURCHASED!

2 chairs for living room (same possible colors choices as couch):

Living Room lamp idea (there were 2 lamps at Big Lots I fell in love with that have a burlap lamp shade and a turquoise base):

I have one question for you...




P.S. I am still feeling lousy and I am so sick of saltines and tea! Arg..there's always tomorrow :)


  1. IKEA all the way! But maybe that's because it's like an hour away from me and Target is just down the street. It's special to head all the way to IKEA. And don't even get me started on how fun it is to walk through their rooms!

  2. I have never been to an Ikea before. I want to. There's one in Philly, I've just never gone before. I guess a field trip is in order.

  3. Your husband is luckier than mine. I have a SuperTarget 5 minutes away and an IKEA opening on July 27!!!


    p.s. you will love S.Target even more when you have kids - free cookies for the kids! while you roam the aisles!

  4. I hope you feel better so you can enjoy your new house!

  5. I've never been to Ikea but I do looove me some Target :o) Great rug btw!

  6. I love IKEA!!! It has some amazing stuff!

    ~Hannah Rebekah

  7. So cool...I love that new home feel....I hope you feel better soon...:( xo

  8. I'm so with you! Love Target, and I was just on the IKEA website a couple evenings ago adding stuff to my shopping cart, even though nothing was going to be purchased. I have yet to go to the IKEA that just opened here, though. I've also fallen in love with this website: http://ana-white.com/.

  9. Ikea and target are seriously my FAVORITE!!!! just found your blog..following now! :)

  10. My life wouldn't be complete without IKEA and Target. I make at least a weekly pilgrimage to Target, and there's an IKEA an hour away so we try to go every few months. I'm redoing my whole craft room, mostly with IKEA finds. I seriously love that place.