.Wednesday Afternoon.

After writing the title, I had to check if today was actually Wednesday. This is my week off from work and let me tell ya, it feels odd! My schedule, or should I say lack of a schedule, has messed with my brain. My days are longer (maybe too long), my meals are sporadic and often get skipped, my sleeping pattern is off, and my house has never been so clean! Not watching the girls everyday and not having them in my home is a weird feeling. Without them, my responsibilities drop tremendously and it is just me and pup home during the day. I have no one to care after, prepare food for, and no one to socialize with..just me and pup. Yes, this week has certainly been relaxing but also a tad boring. Adam has been working 12-14 hour work days because he is shooting a commercial for GE, yes that GE. Awesome, I know :) Because of this, he has not been around all that much leaving just me and pup alone together even longer..yeah, my days are long (even when waking at noon!). I am not complaining..just writing down my thoughts. It amazes me how I become a teenager again when left alone. Yes, I did still clean my entire house, organize every closet/pantry, complete 5 loads of laundry, and pay the bills this week, but I am referring to my lack of eating, showering, and sleeping on a regular basis bring me back to my teenage days. It's not that I do not want to eat or shower, just when no one is telling you too or when you do not have anyone to cook for/look nice for...it makes it easy. I miss having Grace and Joy here with me. I actually miss our schedule..not "my" schedule but "ours"--I feel a little lost without them. Are these normal feelings? Maybe..maybe not, who really knows.

I did something social today and it felt good. I woke up before noon (11:16 to be exact, big accomplishment I know!) and I showered and got ready for my day. I then met up with my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law (is that the right term..) and had a lovely lunch at one of our favorite places in Lynchburg, The Farmbasket. It was nice, it always is with those two! On my way home from lunch I decided to do something for Katie--I found myself in the parking lot of Target! Well, it was a quick trip..you see..I sometimes forget I live in a college town and forget the date..today, I knew exactly what time it was as soon as I stepped through the sliding doors--Freshman Orientation Week! Ugh. I walked one big lap around the store and was bumped into by people, kids, pocketbooks, and even shopping carts! Please keep in mind I actually did my hair and makeup and wore a nice outfit today and I was still invisible to these college kids and their parents, major slap in the face! I left feeling discouraged and upset because I could not have my leisurely walk around my favorite store.

I am home now and feeling jumpy, I had one too many cups of coffee at lunch. I am still in my outfit I put on earlier but I cannot get my mind off of my comfy clothes just waiting me down the hall. It's 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon and I am ready for my pj's..is anything wrong with this picture? I hope not because it actually excites me, remember friends--it's the little things in life! Adam should be home from work earlier today, around 7 I believe, and I'm sure we will just relax together and catch up on our shows thanks to Hulu. Tomorrow I will try to discipline myself and keep to my normal schedule I have with the girls as far as meal times are concerned and hopefully tonight I will be asleep before 2am so I can wake up closer to 9am instead of noon. (Wow, I just re-read that last sentence..my life is rather good right now..maybe I will continue to sleep til noon everyday!) Thanks for reading, I am not entirely sure what I typed because like I said, I had a little too much caffeine, so my fingers are typing fast!

--Happy Wednesday Afternoon Everyone--


  1. I can't remember the last "me" day I had. It sounds like sooo much fun!! And just so you don't feel bad - I usually change from my social clothes into my comfy clothes the minute we get home. I just cant see playing on the floor and cleaning in nice clothes. Atleast that is my excuse. Have a great week off.

  2. Enjoy your week off, it will get busy again when they return and in addition when you add a newborn baby to the mix.

  3. Wow! sounds like a great week to me. Hope you get to just savor the time. I know you'll be glad to get back to a routine and a schedule tho!

  4. It's funny because when I am off a schedule, I feel like I eat MORE. lol. And I changed into my pjs long before bedtime too (: