.Deck Makeover: Phase 1.

Adam and I fell in love with our home as soon as we saw the back wrap around deck. Our minds instantly began imagining all of the BBQ's and parties we would host for our friends and families.

This is what the deck looked like the very first time we visited:
We have not done much to the deck this summer because the heat has been too much to handle. The thought of staining a deck in 100 degree weather just does not sit well with the hubs and I. We decided to save this for project for the Fall. 

As the title reads, this is simply Phase 1 of our deck makeover. It started with Adam blowing and sweeping everything off of the deck followed by a much needed power washing! He pressure washed every window, door, board, railing, and even did the siding! (I think he was actually having fun!) Adam also hung hooks up to hang my beautiful ferns, what a guy!
As soon as he finished power washing, the sky opened up with a summer storm. Awesome, but it caused us to blow and sweep the deck again. When the deck dried and the skies cleared, we eagerly moved our patio furniture in place and set it up with the cushions! 

First time all summer :) Enjoy!
 We are thrilled with the results and cannot wait until Phase 2!..Well, okay maybe we can..Fall here we come!

Phase 2 Goals:
- Paint exterior doors a deep navy blue
- Add navy blue shutters to the window over the loveseat

Phase 3 Goals:
- Add boards to the portion of the deck floor under the overhang
- Buy indoor/outdoor carpeting either tan or navy blue
- Paint, using stencils, a fun design on carpeting

Phase 4 Goals:
- Stain, stain, STAIN the deck! We are thinking about a light chocolate brown for the floor boards and ceiling of overhang and white for all of the railings. Any suggestions?

 Thanks for checking out Phase 1 of our Deck Makeover!

P.S. Quick tutorial coming soon on the fern planter I made :)


  1. You did a BEAUTIFUL job! It looks SO inviting! Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  2. that looks fabulous! i love that outdoor set, and the pillows, and the FERNS! my favorite! what a fabulous extra space that deck brings! you guys will love it out there, for sure.

  3. Hey Katie! First of all, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. They are always very much appreciated :o)
    Y'all's new home is really coming along isn't it? I love that deck furniture? If that was my deck I'd probably nestled into one of those chairs every morning this summer and not leave until supper time. I long to own a home so I'll just live vicariously through you ok? hehehe I can't wait to see the rest of y'all's improvements!

  4. hopefully its not too hot to enjoy the deck because it looks awesome!

  5. I love those blue pillows and hope the rest of the phases go well:)

  6. Ohh my gosh your desk is a dream deck!! Soo amazing with the wraparound porch!! I love it

  7. perfection!.........miss ya bunches.

  8. Ahhhhh, what lovely memories of eating breakfast there with Nathan and Lucy. You have a wonderful home, Katie and Adam, and we were SO blessed to stay there with you!!!