.It's a New Week.

Every Saturday night, Adam and I go to bed and when we wake, it is a new week.
A new week, a fresh start, another beginning.
I'm looking forward to this new week.
I have off. Every single day, that is:
What to do? Oh, what to do?

I am feeling full of life after being in a bit of a funk last week. The Lord is restoring my heart and my body and I am feeling alive, so very alive! In life I often find God brings us to places of struggle and of pain. He does this not to harm us, but to make us stop in life..stop and think..think of Him and what He is doing. God stopped me last week and rocked my world. There is so much I miss God telling me because I am too busy and caught up in life I forget to stop and think..and pray. He reminded me to do just this and only this and friends, I am ready for the new week.

I am ready to see God in the little things in life. In the sunsets, the singing birds, the long green grass, the soapy dish water, in the stillness..He is everywhere. I am ready to read this week, something I never choose to make time for. I am ready to write this week to friends and loved ones far away. I am ready to run this week in the early morning light. I am ready to cook this week, to actually plan out meals for my husband and I.

I am ready to live this week..live to the fullest..Are you?


  1. I am. Have a great week off!

  2. Time this week to start unpacking some more boxes and putting up some pictures and things around the house. Start putting your wonderful decorating touch on your house to make it your home. You know how much fun it is! Mom

  3. Amen to living life to the fullest! My friend was in a plane crash a few weeks ago and I got to spend several hours with him last night. I'm so inspired and my heart has been recharged to see him doing so well. He's reminded me to live every day to its fullest. Enjoy your week!!

  4. Yay!! New week of relaxing and reviving. So happy for you! I'm inspired. AMEN!