.Nakate Giveaway+Dog+Coffee=Good Morning.

I wanted to share with you a special package I received in the mail.
No, it was not a dog..
..or a cup of coffee.
It was a stunning turquoise bead necklace from Nakate.

Nakate is a team of volunteers with one important goal: Helping the many women and children with aids in East Africa. The women of East Africa make beaded jewelry Nakate purchases to later resell in the states. All of the proceeds are then returned and invested to these women and their families.

Nakate needs you to spread the word and to share the love. 

Little Things Bring Smiles and Nakate have teamed up to do just this. We are offering a giveaway to win one of these beaded necklaces.

To enter this giveaway, simply visit this blog post and leave a comment. 

That's it friends. Spread your love to Nakate and to others this morning.

 I am wearing the 

Nakazi Hariet

necklace from Nakate's Store.

Please visit Nakate's website to learn more information on how you can help.
Shanley at shanley@nakateproject.com


  1. Taking a look at the website and making a post for Sarah.

  2. Making a post, again, do not include me in the contest, you know how much I do not wear any jewelry. It does look nice on you, love the color. Hopefully, I will not win like the last time, so funny. If I do, pass it on. Mom

  3. your hair is soo long and beautiful!! miss you!

  4. Post is up! I shared your great giveaway on my blog. :)

  5. That necklace is AWESOME> What a fun color. You look awesome in these photos.

  6. You and your child are adorable!!

    What a great program!!

  7. You are adorable and what a great smile!!! Loving your necklace and blog!

    Liesl :)

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